Home At Last

Ahhh, it’s good to be back in my little camper.  I am Luxury Camping at friends’ house in Asheville, NC; parked under their carport so completely out of the weather, with use of the laundry & shower facilities and frequent invitations to dinner!  Yesterday Jenni helped me with some much-needed repairs.  And when I say she helped me, I mean that she did all the work while I stood by looking helpful (I’m sure).   I thought my battery was dead so we (she) removed it and then noticed the fuse & fuse holder were completely melted!  Yikes!  I went to the auto parts place and got 2 new ones and she installed one, then put my battery back in thinking maybe that was the  problem.  It charged for several hours, then the stupid CO2 alarm kept going off.  Why is it that when that happens, we automatically think it’s a false alarm?  I placed a fan right in front of it so it stopped screeching for a while, but then I couldn’t make it stop.  Then I noticed, there WAS a strange smell.  I opened up the compartment where the battery is and it was SUPER hot, and sending off toxic fumes!  So we (Jenni) removed it and put in a spare battery they have.  That one did not get hot but I’m not sure it’s a viable battery either.  I unplugged the electricity this morning, turned on the Fantastic Vent and watched the battery amperage decrease fairly quickly. Is that normal when using the fan?  I’m not sure. Next time I’ll just unplug the electricity with no load on the battery and see if it holds up.

We also tackled the Fantastic Vent problem.  Last spring when I was towing the camper, a deer came out from the side of the road and leaped completely over the camper, but it’s back feet touched down and broke the vent lid, then the wind grabbed it and broke it off completely.  I taped a generic lid down to keep it out of the weather and now have a new vent lid.  Turns out the deer bent the arm that opens & closes the lid too, and it wouldn’t straighten so this morning I ordered a new lift arm assembly.

And the third thing was changing the defective Fastec door locks.  I got one lock cylinder changed out with no problems at all but the other one just wouldn’t stay in place.  Jenni figured out the problem and fixed that!  So we’re batting 1 out of 3 project completions so far.  I still have the solar panel to do; need to wire in a quick-connect for it.

And today I need to empty the new car and go get everything out of the old Subaru.  I’ve sold it to the folks who were storing it for me; yayy!  That sure was easier than advertising it & dealing with “lookers” who might possibly be ax murderers!

I have WAY too much stuff.  I’m trying to pare down but it’s really a tiny trailer. I knew that…..but living with the reality is hard.  More paring down to come when I get all the stuff out of my old car.


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