Day One

My first day on the road!  At first it was like I’d never pulled a trailer before, I was really nervous that I’d hooked it up wrong, or I’d do something really stupid and get in an accident, etc.  After an hour or so I relaxed and was just driving along when….something DID happen, just 8 miles from my destination! I had a blowout on one of the camper tires!

DSCN1115 I was able to pull off the road right away, into the start of a farm drive. The tire has a HUGE hole in it, but luckily it did not destroy the flimsy wheel well, which often happens.  I called for the Good Sam service and was told it’d be 90 minutes before he would arrive.

An old guy pulled up behind me and got out and asked if I needed help, so I told him I had help on the way but he didn’t leave!  Weird.  Finally I figured out that it was the farmer who owned that field, and my rig was blocking it. He was nice about it & said he didn’t really need to drive in.  Someone had broken the padlock off the gate and there was an abandoned yellow ATV at the edge of the woods in there, probably stolen.  He called the police and apparently that was the most exciting thing going on, because soon there were 4 police cars and 7 officers milling around.  Several of them asked if I needed help and seemed really glad that I didn’t.   Finally the guy came and had the spare tire on in a jiffy and I was on my way again.  What a way to start my epic new journey!


Got to our little campground in Damascus, VA.  And I do mean little!  There are only 6 sites here! (Creek Side RV Park) It’s right across the road from the bike rental/shuttle place and on a really pretty river that runs through town.  So tomorrow we bike  the Virginia Creeper Trail…17 miles, all downhill!  I’m worried about the bike seat being uncomfortable so we’ll see how it goes.


12 replies on “Day One”

there is a TV program called”you live in what”?(HGTV network) you should be on that program! Even going 17 miles downhill your butt is going to hurt I bet


Well, Janis, if you are not living it, it sounds like an exciting start for your trip. Not to mention that you have the bad thing that will happen over with.


I just purchases a slightly used 2011 Aliner Sport with the off road pkg. I’m towing it with a 2010 Subaru Forester in the state of CO. The camper has electric brakes and I’ve added a brake controller to the Forester. Is the Forester going to be OK towing the Sport? I appreciate your opinion. Thank You and best of luck with your adventure. Linda


Oh absolutely, especially with the brakes installed. I used to tow with an even smaller Subaru Outback Sport (the little hatchback) and it was fine. I also installed brakes on mine. In the mountains you may end up going slower than you really want though.


Thank you, this is my first time towing anything and I’m 67 years young. The Sport was actually a retiremet present to myself. I have a bad back and can no longer hike which is why I decided to see this beautiful state one campground at a time. By the way, your dog is adorable. If you ever get to CO perhaps we could meet at a campground. I live in the Pikes Peak area at 8500′.
Happy Camping! Linda


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