Kayaking the Dan River

Today we kayaked the Dan River, through Hanging Rock State Park.  It was a 6.5 mile paddle, supposed to take 3 hours but somehow it took us 4 1/2 hrs.  Maybe because we kept getting hung up on rocks!  I think the river levels were low and there were really a lot of places where we had to really read the river to figure out how to get through the rocks. My old whitewater experience came in handy but we still all ended up stuck on rocks at times, and Marilyn even took an unscheduled swim!  It was supposed to be a nice calm, easy paddle but it was more technical than that, and even had some standing waves that came close to being Class 2!  It was a fun day anyway, and we are all pleasantly worn out.

DanR1 danR3 DanR2DanR14DanR11DanR12

And now we are back for our last night at the campground, and there’s a lot of activity here!  We no longer have the campground all to ourselves; there are people everywhere, lots of ROTC kids tent-camping, fire trucks bringing water to flood more mud-pits for the race, people yelling & horns honking.  We have a bird-eye view of all the excitement but I hope the kids quiet down at some point tonight.  Well I think we are so tired out from our river adventures, it might not matter if it’s quiet or not!


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