Camping at Lake Michigan

This morning I moved up to a Hiawatha National Forest campground, Lake Michigan at St. Ignace.  The Mackinac Bridge crossing went fine; I stayed in the right hand lane which is paved the whole way, unlike the left lane which has open gridwork for part of it, and it makes the tires want to do squirrely things.  I was happy that a guy towing a big boat who cut me off to change lanes right before the tollbooth had been stopped by the police! Shame on me but hahaha,  justice was served.

I have site #9, right on the lake.  It’s a bit of a hike through deep sand, up and over a dune to get to the lake.  The lake level is very high right now so it laps at the bottom of the dune instead of having the usual 20′ of beach.  I was surprised to see the lake bottom was very rocky, I expected sand.  Lots of skeeters here, but they are manageable with my herbal skeeter spray.

Tomorrow we’ll be making a run for Hurricane River CG near Grand Marais, part of the Pictured Rocks National Seashore so it’s first-come-first-served.  If we can’t find a site there or at Twelvemile Beach, we’ll have to go to a nearby state forest CG.


3 replies on “Camping at Lake Michigan”

Hurricane River and 12 mile beach are both great but when we were there last there were a lot of common smaller house flies?? What is your herbal bug juice?


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