Hurricane River – Pictured Rocks

Yesterday I left my campsite at Lake Michigan and headed to the Brevoort Lake CG where there is a dump station.  I turned on the wrong road and ended up way the heck out in exactly nowhere.  I decided to just forget about dumping and just head up to Lake Superior.  Then I happened to look down and noticed the little Low Fuel light was on. I’m pretty sure my eyes bugged out of my head a couple of inches then, as the indicator was on the E!!!   And gas stations are few and far between up there.  I slowed down to 40 mph and and kept driving.  I didn’t know what to do; I know it’s really bad (and expensive) to let it run completely out of gas. So if you stop at the first little hiccup, is that OK, or that already too late???  I saw a man working in his yard and stopped to ask him for directions, and boy, somebody was watching out for me because there was a gas station less than a mile away!!  Crisis averted.  And the place where I came out on Hwy. 2 was also within a mile of Brevoort Lake campground, so I went to the dump station anyway, it just took me an extra hour to get there!

I went to Grand Marais to pick up a few groceries but the shelves were nearly bare; looks like the 4th of July crowd cleaned them out!  I found a nice campsite at Upper Hurricane River and as soon as I got out of the car, the mosquitoes attacked. LOTS of mosquitoes, though I’ve seen worse.  These guys are different though, they actually like my herbal insect repellent.  They think it’s some kind of tasty glaze on their dinner ham (me)!

It rained most of the night and got down into the low 40’s I think, as it was only 51 degrees inside when I woke up this morning.  I was glad that I didn’t have to move today, and had time to make sausage and blueberry sourdough pancakes for breakfast.

There are paper signs on the restroom doors that warn of recent bear activity in the area. Yikes, maybe I won’t cook any bacon.   I put my solar panel out this morning when it was really cloudy so I don’t know if I have it oriented to actually catch any sun.  It’s been nice & sunny so I hope so.  This morning it was quite windy so the bugs were not bothersome at all.

I’ve spent the whole day in Grand Marais today; didn’t mean to, it just happened. We walked on the beach looking for agates, and as soon as Roxie’s feet hit the sand she did her usual Beach Run-Like-Hell Dance; she’s so cute!  Here’s a photo of her this morning, hair a bit mussed up from sleeping under a fleece throw all night:

Roxie Camping

Lake Superior was beautiful today, though REALLY windy.  So many different shades of blue!  It looks inviting but of course it’s freezing cold.

Lk Sup

I am still struggling with trying to get the insurance reimbursement for my eye surgery. I finally got the check sent to NC from Ecuador and now my bank is not wanting to take it. I’ve been on the phone with Customer Service and also the local Hendersonville  branch, and friend Sharon is going to try and deposit it again this afternoon.  So I’m waiting in town here for her call.  There’s no cell service at the campground at all. No weather radio service either, or any kind of AM or FM radio station, even right in Grand Marais!


7 replies on “Hurricane River – Pictured Rocks”

I have a Tracfone that works off Verizon towers, and my mobile hotspot is ATT. I found that if I go all the way out to the point that sticks out into the lake, I get 4 bars on both of them!


Keep having fun….and those bears up there are smaller-not like Grizzlies …I’m sure they have small teeth too!


So glad you got gas in time. What a hassle. The lake looks beautiful.
I ran into hordes of mosquitoes on Okrakoke (sp?) one summer. Dreadful.
I’m enjoying your blog, Janis.
Susan Atl


getting away from it all happens easily in the UP. Only thing that works in some areas is a satellite phone! (but away from all the trees) Sounds like I don’t need the name of your herbal bug juice after all!


You are having such a wonderful adventure. I love reading about the things you are doing. Glad you got gas before running out. That is my biggest fear I think. I have started watching ittybitty houses on hgtv now. They fascinate me. One in HI, only 144 sf cost $65,000 without land.guess I won’t be going there to live.


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