Sticks & Triangle Lake

Had a very buggy night; I wish I knew how the mosquitoes are getting into the camper!  I cover up so all that’s exposed is part of my face, then I keep hearing them buzzing around my ears.  Why is it, you just can’t help but slap yourself in the face when you hear that???!!  I did a lot of slapping last night.  And then was completely shocked to wake up at 11 a.m.  I never sleep that late!  And Roxie never lets me sleep that late!!  Maybe she had a bad night too.

We had torrential rains all day yesterday, off & on.  My Press N Seal “fix” is still working great though, no leaks at all!

I found an awesome campsite all on it’s own in the middle of nowhere….Triangle Lake #1!  It would involve backing in about 100′ but then you’d be within 15′ of a beautiful crystal clear lake with nice sandy bottom.  There’s a fire ring and pretty nice outhouse there, and the price is $4 a night with the Geezer Pass.

tri lk Triangle Lk1


Today I had to go to town to do laundry, it’s been more than 3 weeks!  Also I have to go to town every day to see if the realtor has sent me the amount I need to take to the Closing for the cottage.  I’ll need to drive to the Wells Fargo bank in Escanaba to get it wired to the title company as soon as I get it.  Anyway, I headed out and got almost 2 miles from camp when I ran over a stick and then heard something dragging under the car.  It was a BIG stick, about 1.5″ in diameter, and one end was stuck in the axle somehow and the other end pointed at the road.  So driving would force it farther and farther into where it was stuck. I tried and tried and could not pull it out of there, so then backed the car almost 2 miles back to camp so the neighbor men could help me! Boy, craning my neck backwards for that long was painful.  I got back to camp and got out of the car…and the damn stick was gone!  I don’t know where it fell off!!  Grrrrr


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Hard to believe but Sue and I spent a day laying around that very same camp site many years ago!!!!!
Mosquitoes can get through a hole less than 1/8″ My roof vent fan had an opening around the on/off switch and there was enough clearance for the little buggers to get through


One of my only hesitations about buying the Aliner was potential for leaks. Sounds like you’ve had some, what, where and how? 🙂 What is the “press and seal fix” referring to? I had an ’84 Toyota Dolphin (Class C) and was constantly chasing after leaks, don’t want that again.


I had a leak in the rear window around the caulking. “Press & Seal” plastic wrap does a great job of a temporary fix! My Aliner is a 2004 so it has on occasion sprung some leaks around the bubble windows, but nothing dire.


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