Paquette Luck Rides Again

Well, I am very sad today.  I can’t get the cottage after all.  It took me 5 months to get the $2450 reimbursement check for my eye surgery in Ecuador. I deposited the Ecuadorian check in my Wells Fargo account and all was fine until this morning, when I looked at my account and found out the check had been returned and my account was overdrawn by almost $1500!!!   So I drove 120 miles back to the Wells Fargo bank in Escanaba and a nice banker there made some calls, found out that WF doesn’t have banking relationships with any Ecuadorian banks.  So I had to cancel the Closing today and withdraw my offer for the cottage.  And lose my $500 deposit.   All is not lost though,  it is drawn on a Citibank, and if I can find one of those I probably can get the check cashed there. Unfortunately there aren’t any in Michigan or Wisconsin, I don’t know how far I’d have to drive to find one!   If I can get the money situation straightened out, I’ll make another purchase offer on the cottage. But for now, I am cottage-less.

And I already cancelled all my reservations for campsites too, so I don’t know where I’ll go from here.  I’m at Little Bay de Noc campground  near Escanaba for the next 2 nights, it costs $8.50 a night but I have a lakefront site and the wifi signal is strong!  I’ve got 3 weeks to kill until Jeanne shows up to start our U.P. tour.


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I’m sorry, Janis. That just seems so unfair. Why when you go to do things does it always gets so complicated? Hopefully the cottage will still be available and you will still be able to get it.


That’s a real bummer. Do you still have your Ecudor acct and debit card? If so you could just take the money out that way. I wish you luck and not too much traveling. Big hugs.


That was the original plan, Lucy. When I was leaving EC I closed my savings account but kept the checking account open so the check could be deposited and I could get the money from here with my ATM card. Well that’s a whole ‘nother sad story; the insurance rep tried to deposit the check and was told my account was closed! Sure enough, the bank accidentally closed both accounts instead of just the savings. I had $45 in checking that I can’t get back unless I go back to Ecuador, too. So then I had the rep return that check and get me a new check that hadn’t been endorsed, and I paid $120 to get it sent to me her in the US. That’s the check I’m trying to get cashed now.


So sorry, Janis! With your record of swimming instead of sinking, I bet you’ll end up with something you like even better.

I finally added your link to my blog. Hope it helps a little!


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