Plan Changes

I spent 5 days at the Little Bay de Noc campground & loved it there!  Then I moved to Hovey Lake,  a free national forest campground near Munising. There’s just 4 sites there and it looks like one of them has full-time squatters; there are 3 really old travel trailers that look like they haven’t been moved in a really long time, on one site.  It was nice, big sites with picnic table, fire pit, water (with a hand pump) and outhouses, and right on a good fishing lake.  I planned to stay there about a week.  The second day I was there, I went to Marquette to get dog food and shop at the food co-op and while I was gone I left the vent fan on.  That was no problem at the last campground….well I got home to a pretty run-down battery.  I tried to get into a campground that had electricity so I could charge the battery but it was Friday evening and they were all full. I stopped putting any load on the battery but it kept going lower and lower, finally by the time I went to bed it read 6.28.  Not good!  You’re not supposed to let them run down past 1/2 charge, which is 12.25!  At 1:45 a.m. the CO2 monitor started peeping loudly and I could not shut it off, I think that’s the Dead Battery signal.  I stuffed some toilet paper into where the noise comes out and used masking tape to tape it shut, then crammed a fleece throw against it so I could go back to sleep.  Roxie was really freaked out by the noise and I suspect she could still hear it, poor thing.

So the next day I decided to go back down to my friend Judy’s house on the river in Honor, in the lower peninsula.  When I went to hitch up, there was the little “key” to the trailer brake breakaway switch dangling; guess I forgot to unhook it before I pulled the car away.  I know it takes battery power to trigger the switch and I bet that was my mystery load on the battery…poor thing was trying to keep the trailer brakes on for 2 days!  At Judy’s I charged up the battery and then this morning unhooked the power for awhile, and it seemed to be holding the charge, so I think all is well!

There are big tax auction sales here in Mich. in early August and I found some little cabins that sound interesting, with starting bids of $1100-3500.  Judy and I are going to go check some of them out & see if there’s anything I want to bid on! It’d be so nice to get some little place on the cheap!

Today Judy & I went tubing down the river from her house to Lk. MIchigan in the morning, then spent the afternoon playing cards.  I LOVE playing games! Judy fixed dinner of whitefish, corn on the cob and twice-baked potatoes…she’s spoiling me!


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Those nasty brake-away pins! I once hooked up my trailer and tried to move it and all I did was slide the trailer wheels across the grass. Could not understand why when I did not have my foot on the truck breaks–you guess it–forgot to put the pin in the break-way switch!!! We now have a check list and we both double check everything.


A battery that low is scary. Glad you got it charged up again. And good luck on bidding on another cabin. Sounds like you aren’t sitting around worrying about it, though. That’s good!


Janis and Roxie,
My most positive thoughts are being sent your way in hopes that you find a cute and afordable cabin. PS – I just purchased an Aliner Sport.
Linda with Tu-Soxx and Echo


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