And Then There Were Three

Another friend, Jeanne has joined Deb and I!  We are at Cedarville RV Park in Cedarville.  Got here around 1 pm yesterday, the day after the Antique Wooden Boat Show so we did get to see a few massive old Chris Crafts going through the channel past the campground.  Gorgeous!  When I was much younger we lived on a lake in Commerce, MI and had a mahogany boat, it was not a Chris Craft but was a pretty thing anyway.

This park is right on Lake Huron and while we are not in lakefront sites, we get a good breeze (sometimes a little TOO good!) and no bugs.  This is the park where I had been buying an RV site back in 2008 when I lost my job and had to let it go back to the park owners for non-payment.. I was shocked when one of the other residents recognized me this morning, as I had not been back here for 6 years!

I really am happy with the new awning, and it held up really well in the stiff breeze we had yesterday.  I got a handy little battery-powered LED motion sensor light that I really liked until I realized that it was coming on constantly; every time I move, the trailer jiggles and it senses the motion and comes on, poor thing! I’ve taken it down so the battery don’t wear down.  I guess that was not a very good investment.

Our plan was to stay here 4 days and then go back to Little Bay de Noc but after that we’re going to Sault Ste. Marie, so it would have meant 310 miles of driving., going from one side of the state to the other and back. With the price of gas running around $3.69 a gallon here, we deduced it would be cheaper to pay more for campsites (and get electricity!) around here than pay for the gas to drive way over to Rapid River, then back again 5 days later.  So now we’ve got 2 nights at Glen’s Cove in Goetzville for $10 each and then 3 nights at Tiki RV Park in St. Ignace for $15 a night, all half price on our Passport America memberships!  I loved Little Bay but I must admit, having electricity is very luxurious!  Maybe we’ll even go to Mackinac Island.

I never did find my passport and had to cancel our Algoma Central train trip to Agawa Canyon, but Deb and Jeanne might go.  (If Deb can get up that early in the morning; they’d have to leave the campsite at about 6:30 a.m.) I’ve been on the train four times before this so it’s not too devastating, though I really did want to go.


2 replies on “And Then There Were Three”

Sounds like you’re having fun. I worked for a company that owned the big hotel on Mackinac! It’s supposed to be a beautiful place. Used to be no cars allowed. Is it still that way? Breeze and no bugs…can’t ask for better than that. I missed electricity when I camped. That’s why I have a brand new Honda generator–they are so quiet I was going to leave it in the truck and run it to watch DVDs. The best laid plans and all that…

I’m guessing the Canyon is in Canada. Rich and I thought we’d do a trip to the upper Peninsula one day, but we never made it. Sounds beautiful.


Yep, still no cars allowed on Mackinac Island. Northern Michigan is beautiful! And yes, Agawa Canyon is in Ontario. The train runs from Sault St. Marie, Ontario 300 miles north to Hearst. I think the canyon is about 100 miles up the line.


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