Still Not A Homeowner

The auction for tax-sale properties in Clare County was yesterday, and Jeanne and I went to the Pickford library to get internet access and were able to see the live auction on a You Tube link!  There were 4 cottages that interested me but since I couldn’t go to the auction, I could only do an advance on line bid for one of them. Well the first 3 that were in pretty decent shape with 2 bedrooms and beautiful knotty pine paneling went for $5400-$7200, but the itty bitty one-room cabin that I put a lowball bid on sold for $9300!!  I don’t get it!  But apparently I’m not meant to be a homeowner this year.  I guess there will be lots more tax sale properties up for grabs next summer too, and maybe my money situation will be a little better then.   I still hold out a bit of hope for getting that $2500 Ecuadorian check cashed somehow.

We are now are at Glen’s Cove near Goetzville. It’s really more of a fishing camp, with nearly all seasonal campers.  Nice friendly people, but terrible wifi reception and NO signals for our phones at all.  We paid $1 extra to use the park’s wifi and still could not get any service even when sitting on the porch of the office!  Today we move about 50 miles SW to Tiki RV Park in St. Ignace. We should get good signals there, and it’ll be nice to be in a bigger town.  It’s been really warm (mid-80’s) so I am thankful we can use our air conditioners.  I think we are going to visit Mackinac Island next week!  It’s been more than 50 years since I’ve been there and I’ve never seen anything more than the touristy area right around the ferry dock; I’d like to take the horse-drawn carriage ride around the island.  (No cars allowed on the island!)


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