Kids Say The Darndest Things

There was a family camped next to Deb with 3 kids, a 10 yr. old boy and two little girls.  The girls really loved the dogs. We had two exercise pens joined together to make one big pen and the girls climbed over and sat with the dogs for awhile. Annie’s leash was in there so Gracie hooked up little Ava and they pretended she was a dog named “Susie”. The brother came along and Susie climbed over the pen and ran away, with her brother hot on her heels.  Sister Gracie muttered” That’s why I didn’t want a big dog”.  LOL!!

Roxie was lying on her sling bed on her back, with her tummy exposed.  Ava came up and asked if it was a girl or a boy dog, and Gracie said “Can’t you TELL it’s a girl?”  I thought, “Oh no, are we having the genitalia talk??”  But then Gracie went on to say “It’s a girl because she’s got a pink collar on”.  Phew, thank goodness for pink collars!

I got a new tee shirt today, especially appropriate for me since I fear sharks so much that I won’t even put a toe in the ocean!

MI Tee


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