Rain Rain, Go Away

Ugh! We’re into our third day of high winds and rain. REALLY yucky weather. Sustained winds are 18-20 mph with gusts much higher. Big whitecaps on Lake Superior! There are now 8 of us here, with 4 more arriving today. Some of the newcomers are planning to sleep in tents but I don’t know how they’ll ever get them up in this wind. A friend’s brand new Paha Que screen house blew apart early this morning, and those things are built strong!!

The past couple of days we’ve just been going on little trips between rains…we went to Horseshoe Falls which costs $12 per carload, it’s a short walk to a pretty waterfall and then they also have a pond with gigantic rainbow trout that you can feed ($.25 for the fish food). There are lots of mallard ducks in the pond too, competing for the food. Those trout though…over 2′ long and fat! (YUM!)
Horseshoe falls

Yesterday we went to Wagner Falls which is prettier than Horseshoe, and right off M-94 close to town. We also went to check out the free Hovey Lake Campground and found all the sites available! I probably will come back to there once everyone else leaves to head South. Had lunch at The Navigator which was living up to it’s reputation for very slow service, but the food was good. We had a good view of Jeanne’s car with Roxie in it, barking her head off the whole time! People would walk by and try to figure out where the duck sounds were coming from; she has a very distinctive bark!

We went to the Red Barn Antiques & Rock Shop in Au Train and bought some pretty agates, since our chances of actually finding any on the beaches are pretty slim. Nice polished ones were only $3 each!



7 replies on “Rain Rain, Go Away”

Sorry you are having bad weather. How is the Aliner Sport doing in the wind? I just bought one and have heard they don’t like the wind. Love your picture, Roxie is a cutie. Are you staying in MI for the fall? I’m sure it will be beautiful.
Linda, Echo and Gus


Tenting, ugh! We do have a couple tenters coming in, with this wind I don’t know how they’re even going to be able to set up their tents. It’ll be a little miserable, I’m afraid. We’ve seen some tent people give up on erecting their tents in this wind.


Hope the weather improves soon for for all Janis……would love to see all those cool sights again. Ron & I haven’t been in the UP for a long time. Beautiful up there.

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