Pictured Rocks

Finally the wind and rain dissipated and left us a beautiful day! Perin, Jeannne & I went to Grand Marais via H-58 (the shoreline road) in the morning and hit Agate Beach. Got lots of pretty rocks but no agates.
Gd Marais


Perin resting
PR Perin

Later the whole group went on the Pictured Rocks Boat Sunset Cruise. I sure got in the wrong seat! The old lady next to the window was cold so she wouldn’t open the window, so most of the pictures I took had bad reflections and are pretty much worthless. A few times they did open the window so the daughter could take photos, so then this was my view, But all is not lost; if you look in her camera, there’s the lovely photo!
PR Head33

Just kdiding, it was pretty bad but I did get some decent photos of the incredible views.

Yes, the water really is that blue! This tree was amazing; growing out of solid rock! But if you click on the photo to make it bigger, and look to the left, you’ll see the roots going over to the mainland, hanging in mid-air! The land what used to support those roots has eroded away, but still the tenacious tree lives on!

PR Tree1

More photos






5 replies on “Pictured Rocks”

Beautiful photos. I do miss the water. There is a very small lake about five miles from my home that is nice. However, it does not compare to your scenery.
Linda in CO


Janis, I am just drooling over that scenery. (Even the reflection in the other person’s camera.) 🙂

The tree on the rock is the most intriguing to me. And the blue, blue water… wow!

So good to see you out enjoying yourself with friends instead of being hidden away in Ecuador!


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