Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I’m very glad to NOT be a laborer any more! We are surprised that the campground here is nearly empty. We love it here at Lake Linden Campground, but I guess I don’t mind it being a well-kept secret. http://www.lakelinden.net/recreation.html Yesterday, Roxie saw some people walking a big Boxer and took off, snapping the line of her Flexi-Lead!! Good thing the dog was friendly, but that meant making a Wal-Mart run this morning to buy a new $13 Flexi-Leash.

But first we went back to the Suomi Cafe & Bakery for breakfast. Jeanne and I shared an order of their blueberry pancakes, and Finnish french toast made with Nisu (cardamom) bread. Both were really good! The pancake shown below is lopping over the edges of a platter, not just a dinner plate!!!


Finnish Nisu Fr Toast

On the way back to camp we stopped to photograph this place just past Dollar Bay that’s filled with cool old cars & trucks and old gas pumps. I would have taken more photos but my camera’s battery died.





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5 Responses to Happy Labor Day!

  1. arlissp says:

    Cool photos of the old cars! And the pancakes look AMAZING!!!!


  2. Linda, high in CO at 8500' says:

    This area looks very interesting and beautiful. Thanks for sharing , your photos are great.
    Linda in Colorado


  3. minicooper10 says:

    At the risk of hurting your Aliner’s feelings, does it ever leak during rainstorms? I like to believe the a-line roof remedies that as opposed to a tent trailer where it can pool up on the roof. Thx! (Will be having french toast tomorrow morning for sure!)


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