Northern Lights!!

WOWEE WOW! I went on Facebook last night and saw a PM from my friend Diana who lives a few miles from our campground; she said the northern lights were out! So I went and got Jeanne and Deb out of their campers and we saw them a little bit, but there was too much light at our campground., plus we have a big hill just to the north of us. So we jumped in the car in our various stages of dress/undress and drove over towards Dan & Diana’s. We stopped at two places on the road and got out and watched until they faded, then headed back “home” when Deb saw them out the window again, so stopped again and watched awhile. Then as we got back to the campground, they’d flared up again so we drove up on the hill behind out sites, to the nature trail. That was a GREAT place to view them! I wish I had the proper camera equipment to photograph them, but my little point-and-shoot camera just doesn’t do the trick.

They went across in about a 180 degree sheet, pale green and pink stabbing up, moving sideways….so strange how they morph and change. Truly an incredible sight and I’m so glad we got to see them ! THANKS for the heads-up, Diana!


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