On to Ontonagon

And then there were two!  Today Jeanne and I moved south to Ontonagon.  We are at Ontonagon Township Park. There are a surprising number of campers here, considering it’s mid-week and after Labor Day!  We got sites 4 & 5 and are happy to be back right on Lake Superior again.  Lakefront sites are just $23 a night, what a bargain!  We’re up above the water about 5′ but there are some steps to get down to the little beach.  The wind has come up a bit so there are big waves and it sounds just like surf at the ocean!  I’m sure we’re gonna sleep good tonight with that as a lullaby.  And there are rocks on the beach, we love rock-hunting!!  It’s not an agate beach but still, there are lots of pretty little stones to discover.  Temps are dropping, it’s supposed to get down to 55 degrees tonight and a sunny 71 degrees tomorrow.  My kinda weather!!!

This is my view out the camper door:


And from the picnic table:


We went to Lake of the Clouds today, how gorgeous!  It cost $9 to get into the Porcupine Mts. State Park. There’s a wheelchair-accessible boardwalk out to the viewing area which is just 300′ or so from the parking lot, but the first part is uphill a good bit.  There are lots of benches along the way if you get weary.   The view is from the top of the escarpment.



And oh, the sunset!  It was magnificent, and even now, 30 min. later, the whole skyline is still all peachy pink.



We are hoping to see another northern lights display, now that we are right on Lake Superior again and have a clear view to the north…..keeping our fingers and toes crossed, but also oh so grateful to have seen them in such glory last night.

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3 Responses to On to Ontonagon

  1. beemerguy03 says:

    u sure are making a lot of great memories for when you r back to NC….. Camping on a beach Priceless!


  2. I have always wanted to see the northern lights!


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