Monarch Butterflies?

My car battery was dead this morning, for the second time.  The other time, I waited about 15 minutes and it managed to start the car and re-charged while we were driving.  I’m very glad I’m camping in a place where there’s a bit of traffic going by!  I flagged down a sweet Yuppie couple who gave me a jump-start on their way to the lighthouse.

The guy said that there are thousands of Monarch butterflies that gather at the lighthouse to rest up for the long flight over Lake Michigan and Green Bay on their way south!  I did a little research and he’s right, but most of the action happens in late August and early September.  I’m afraid I missed it.

I went to town and got a new battery.  Turns out mine was 5 years old so probably time for a new one, but the bottom line is that I must have a reliable car if I’m going to camp far from other people & “civilization”.  Boy the price of batteries has sure gone up since I last looked.  $104!!  Also stocked up on groceries, so now I”m good to just stay here and enjoy the peace and quiet for at least a week, though I do have to meet with the banker in Escanaba on Monday or Tuesday.

Here’s a better picture of our lake view:


Still lovin’ this campsite!  And the weather continues to look really good for the next 10 days or so, though I’ll probably leave on Sept. 26; I want go to Hubbard Lake ( N.E. lower peninsula) to check out some wooded parcels on the tax sale list.   The auction is on Oct. 1. I’m in need of a Project!


5 replies on “Monarch Butterflies?”

Love the view. Don’t they make a solar panel that is for keeping your car battery charged? I know it was time for a new battery but just thinking about future occurances. Probably won’t need to do that for another few years anyway. Happy hunting on the property.


They make some little teeny trickle chargers for car batteries, otherwise I’d have to get a car battery charger and plug it into the camper battery (which is charged by the 100 watt solar panel)


Janis… parents had 300 acres on Hubbard Lake Rd, south of Hubbard Lake. We spent summers there since the 50’s. After retirement, my folks moved up there. My Mom (Dad passed in 2003) now lives in Lincoln. We’ll be going to visit her in mid-Oct.
We’ll look for your Aliner!! We had an Aliner Sport for 12 years. Went all over the country in it. Sold it to Jon’s sister last year, and we now have a Ford van with Sportsmobile conversion, pop-up top.
Happy travels!!


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