Happy Campers

I’m so glad to have my little happy pal Princess Roxie sharing my adventures. Roxie is an 8 year old Havana Silk Dog. She makes me laugh every day.  She’s goofy, playful, quirky, demanding and oh so cute. How lucky is that?!

Roxie Ex Pen

At least once a day she gets the Zoomies…she runs madly out to the end of her 16′ flexi-lead, then turns and runs just as hard in another direction.  What makes her do that???  Nobody knows, but it’s so fun to see her joy.  She has a Camping World sling bed http://goo.gl/8KcsN2 that we use outside (too big for inside!) and while she can’t POSSIBLY go up or down more than one step under her own power, she floats effortlessly into her bed which is about 15″ off the ground.  Hmm.  Then she has to dig and scratch at it to get it arranged to perfection, even though it’s a sling and nothing ever really gets rearranged!

Dig dig dig! Butt up, smoosh it with her head:


She smooshes her head into it, then comes up with hair looking like she twirled on her head (she kinda did), Click on the photo below to make it bigger, and check out that mustache and bedhead!


And finally she gets it just right and flops down for her nap.


She has an almost comedic horror of getting her feet wet.  If there’s even a damp spot on the pavement or sidewalk, she will very carefully walk around it. Coming to a wet spot that goes all the way across will cause her to put on her brakes and not budge, she’ll have to be carried over it.  Walking on the beach means I’m down near the water line and she’s as far away as she possibly can get.

She’s very bonded to me and hates when I go somewhere without her.  And yet I can’t let her off-leash because she’ll walk away and not respond when I try to call her back!  What happens to Velcro-Dog as soon as the leash is removed???!!

Sometimes she barks a lot when I leave her in the camper or car.  Telling her “Be Quiet” has absolutely no effect, but yet if I tell her to “Go lay down”, she shuts up!  (But doesn’t necessarily lay down) Hmmm, somewhere alone the line she got her commands all mixed up.

Travel would be so much less fun without my dear little Roxa-Roni!


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7 Responses to Happy Campers

  1. Great story about Roxie. They all have their unique ways. I love having Pepper with me camping and at home. She clings to me even off leash. Too funny about your lay down command. Roxie is special for sure.


  2. Dixie Furlong says:

    I have my first campout in a week without Ming. Gonna be tough. I have a “giant” Siamese Beanie Baby that I sleep with at night. It helps a little. Hope all the furry camping buddies have many more years to come. 🐱🐺🐶


  3. Jan says:

    What a cutie pie Roxie is—absolutely ADORABLE! I’ll bet she brings SO much laughter and joy to you. What a great traveling companion. I have two furkids that I am dying to take camping with me–but the one is not quite ready yet–he is a rescue and we are still working on his manners. Tried a trial camping trip with them last month, but it rained both days, so it wasn’t much of a test. Hoping to take them out next month to try again!

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  4. Dixie Furlong says:

    Thanks, Janis


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