Camp Visitor

We ran errands this morning…much-needed laundry, the farmers market and I signed the paperwork to try and get my Ecuador check cashed yet again.  I am not hopeful.

When we got back I tried to sit outside with Roxie but there were loads of flies, BITING flies!  Where the heck did they come from??  So strange how one day there’ll be no bugs, then one day maybe a cloud of little gnats, and today the  hordes of hungry flies.  So far no mosquitoes though!  Anyway, we beat a quick retreat into the camper.  Supposed to rain tonight so I just went out and folded up the lawn chairs and put them away, etc.

But as I was opening the door, I noticed this visitor to our yard, a huge Pileated Woodpecker!  He was keeping very busy eating something out of the ground (I always thought they were tree feeders)


Also as we were driving out today, I saw a flock of birds that I couldn’t identify; a medium-sized bird, predominantly brown, but with yellow on the throat and a large white patch on it’s back, near the tail.  If anyone knows what this might be, please reply in the Comments section!


4 replies on “Camp Visitor”

Janis, I’m enjoying your blogs. Love the photo of the woodpecker–never before saw one on the ground eating. I’m not really a birder. Have siblings who are, but they aren’t near by. I’ve been over extended so I’m enjoying your current vacation style life vicariously. Wish I were camping! Alas.


Thanks Teresa….the Palm Warbler looks good, except there’s no white spot on the back….and I think “my” birds were larger. The white spot was probably an inch in diameter or more.


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