Bird I.D.

OK, today I saw a bunch of those mystery birds on the ground at the campsite, and they are definitely Northern Flickers!  Some kind of cousin to woodpeckers. They are very pretty!


Today Princess Roxie and I got in the car and drove to Manistique, which is about 50 miles from here.  I wanted to look at some tax sale properties but as usual, I could not find them!  I failed dismally, 0 out of 4.  My GPS says those roads just don’t exist!  They were all within the city limits of Manistique though, so I probably would not be interested anyway, even though they did look nicely wooded.

So then we spent HOURS driving around, looking at Dispersed Campsites in the Hiawatha National Forest between Rapid River and Mamistique.  Found some really nice ones, with both sun and shade, good lake access and even a Verizon signal!  None of them had an ATT signal for my wifi, but I would definitely consider camping at some of them next year.  I especially liked some at Lyman Lake.


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