Heading South (Sob!)

I reluctantly packed up and left yesterday and started heading south because the forecast is for nights in the high 30’s coming up.  I just drove 2 hours to the Lake Michigan at St. Ignace national forest campground again.  As I was getting the rig in position to back into the campsite, a van drove up behind me. Oh no, pressure to be quick, as I was blocking the whole road!!  But I backed in perfectly on the first try.  I’m getting pretty good at this backing thing!

When I walked back to pay my $9 fee, I met up with the people who were behind me, Linda and Roger from Baltimore. Linda complimented me on my backing skills so I liked her right away.  We started talking; they were just starting their U.P. adventures so she walked down later to “pick my brain”.  I gave her all the booklets and stuff I’d accumulated and told her about the best free campgrounds and highlights of finding the best food (it was mostly about pie)!  I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t spoken to another human for so long or what, but something just clicked with her and I could have gone on yakking with her for hours.  She quit her job and they bought a PleasureWay van camper  to travel the U.S. for a whole YEAR!! Great idea, to travel before you get old and decrepit! Roger is already retired.  When she left I could hardly believe they were actually going on with out me, LOL!  And of course after she left I thought of many other things I should have told her. She showed interest in joining the Women A-Frame Campers group and I hope she does, I think she’d be a really fun addition to our WAC-y group!

So today I continue south to Mio, and from there will investigate some of the tax sale properties around Hubbard Lake and Gaylord.  Since it is supposed to be so cold at night and I don’t have a heat source, I’ll be staying at a private campground so I can have electricity for my little electric heater.  I’m gonna miss my free campsites, but being able to use the toaster and microwave again will be luxurious.

MANY THANKS to the folks who have used my Amazon link (upper right corner) to order goodies!!  I get a small commission when you go through that link, even though it’ll LOOK just like your usual Amazon home page, it has my Associate info imbedded and it’s good for 24 hours after you use it.  And the price you pay is the same.  Every little bit helps!


4 replies on “Heading South (Sob!)”

Hi Janis, I was wondering what kind of meals you have when you boondock for a week at a time? You were saying something in another post about wanting to get a small freezer to extend your supplies. I just wondered if you have a lot of can soups etc??? Love your blog, I check several times a week for updates! Sorry you are having to head south! Patti in Colorado


Hi Patti, thanks! You can sign up to follow the blog if you like, then you’d get an email every time I publish a new one. I really don’t eat much packaged food, but I have been eating way too many hamburgers this summer! I get a lb. of grass-fed beef when I can find it, and make up 4 burgers, then reheat them in a frying pan later. I like stuff like chili, spaghetti and rice dishes that’ll give me leftovers I can just reheat. I like to cook! But….hmmm, you’ve got me hungry for some Campbell’s tomato soup now, thanks a lot……!


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