Travel Day 2

Ugh, I hate long drives!  I didn’t make it nearly as far as I had hoped today, only 215 miles.  I’m in a private CG called OH! Kentucky.  (No photos here either, Lucy)  I think I might be the only transient here….there are lots of campers & RVs that seem permanent.   They’re all fairly new and nice though, not junky. It’s a good overnight stop just off I-75, all pull–through sites and not bad for $26, though last night’s stay was a Passport America campground so only $15. It was also 30 min. off I-75 though.  Their ad said 12 miles from I-75 but that must have been as the crow flies, it sure was longer than that by road!

Today’s drive was tough…it was windy all day, with rain off and on, and big slowdowns going through Cincinnati.  It means I’ll have about a 250 mile drive tomorrow.  It took me 6 hours to do the 215 miles today!! That’s pretty bad.  I hope the driving conditions will be better tomorrow.

Thanks to the folks who pointed out the torrential rains coming!  I guess I should look at the news once in a while, I wasn’t aware of the hurricane.  They predicted 3-5″ of rain for the national forest I was going to, so I don’t think that would be such a good idea after all, especially since I still have the leak in the back bubble window that’s repaired with flimsy plastic wrap!  And I also have a sneaky little leak coming from the vent fan somehow.

So I’m going to go to Asheville, to my friends Cheryle & Jenni who have a super-deluxe spot under their big carport.  I’ll have an electric hookup, be out of the weather and even be able to do some repairs while under the roof.  Maybe I’ll head back to that national forest after the rains stop.


2 replies on “Travel Day 2”

The long drives are the worst part of camping for me. So, I’ll pull into a truck stop and take a nap! I hope you get to sleep well these traveling nights.


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