Back in NC

Made it!  Just under 5 hours of driving, though it was a miserable drive….rainy & foggy nearly the whole way.   In TN I got passed by a parade of 7 Chrysler Crossfires; aren’t they pretty little things!   Here (just for you, Lucy) are a couple photos of my new deluxe accommodations, at my friends’ Cheryle & Jenni’s place.


And here’s the view from the back of the camper.  There’s a beautiful rock fire pit down there and a pond with waterfalls.


I’m so glad to have a good place to stay though the next few stormy days, and I’m also very thankful I don’t have to drive any more for a few days!

My car radio is being really weird.  When I try to turn the volume down, it goes up instead!  And if I try to turn it up, it goes down, though if you keep turning the knob, it goes back up.  Hmm.   The only thing I could think of was Demon Possession.  My friend Stan who knows everything about radios, agreed that it could be possessed, but was leaning more towards the circuit boards failing which would mean a new radio might be in my future.  I wouldn’t mind having a new radio, one with USB ports, but I’ll wait til it dies or until Rosemary’s baby comes out of the CD slot, whichever happens first.


3 replies on “Back in NC”

This is a super-late comment, but I’m up all night for some reason, reading through the back entries of your blog. I just need to say you are just naturally a humorous lady, and I sincerely hope I meet up with you some day when I’m also out on the road. 🙂


Thanks! I hope you get your tiny house done soon and can get out here too! The first tiny house I built was a 10×16 cabin in 1979; lived there without running water for about 2 years. Then later in 1988 I built a barn-style 12×22 with loft. Now if I ever could get a tiny piece of land, I have plans for an 8×10 or 8×12 that would be plenty big enough for me to live in.

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