To those of you who have been following my sad tale of trying to get an Ecuadorian health insurance check cashed……I just got a phone call from Oregon, I almost didn’t answer it because I figured it was some dumb sales call, but…I did. It was Gloria in the Foreign Collections Dept. of Wells Fargo, to tell me…….(drum roll please)

I GOT THE CHECK CASHED!!!!! Well I’m getting around $2200 instead of $2483, due to some fees & taxes, but….that’s OK, that’s GREAT!!! I can’t believe it. She said they sent it out and when they got confirmation that Citibank got it, she sent an email asking that they expedite the handling. The next day she sent another one, and ta-da, it’s done!!! Wells Fargo even waived their $75 fee, since I already paid that once. Wow. You can’t imagine what that means in my life, to have that as a slush fund instead of the measly $253 I now have in savings!!  I guess it really is true, the third time’s the charm! WHIP HOP!


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