Sunshine! And Trip Costs

Ahhh, sunshine again!  Oh how I missed it.  We had 2 days of no sun at all, followed by two straight days of rain (and no sun).  The camper battery got pretty low so I had to resort to charging the kindles & computer in the car. Today is a nice partly cloudy day with lots of sun and my battery is so happy! So am I.  I don’t like living in a tiny space with  a wet dog.   I didn’t realize how lucky I’d been all summer, it was quite dry in Michigan.   Good weather is forecast now til Sunday.

I met my neighbors at the campground, they’re from British Columbia, making their way down to Florida in a big travel trailer. They were tickled to death to find this campground for only $5 a night (they are not eligible for the Senior Pass) They planned to stay at FL state parks for a couple months and were quite shocked when I told them that it’s likely they will be all full by early December.   They’re all set up with solar though, so probably can find some space in the national forests and maybe state forests.

I guess I spoke too soon, we had more rain this afternoon!  Sigh.  I tried to sit outside for awhile but the flies were biting, now I know why.

I finally added up the costs for my summer’s camping.  For June through October I averaged $8.o7  a night, for a total of $1210.  Of course those three weeks when I was with the big group really pushed the total up a lot, but it was fun!  I really need to convince my friends to dry camp!   October was my cheapest month, only $81 to camp for the whole month!  And next summer it will be lots cheaper because now I know where most of the nice free campsites are located.  Gas cost way more than I expected; $842 for June through Sept.  I sure appreciate the cheaper gas prices now & hope they hold on long enough for me to get to Arizona. Gas here is only $1.79 a gallon!


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HGTV “House Hunters” featured Equador last night. Didn’t you live there? Hope your weather improves. Snow flurries here, reminding us that winter is on the way.


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