Movin’ On

Well we moved camp today, but not because of the noisy folks.  They actually had THREE generators running at the same time  (??) but shut 2 of them down at 11 pm.  The one that was left running though was a massive 8000 watt thing with no noise suppression at all.  Finally at 1:25 a.m. I heard a big truck go past and then talking, so I went out and confronted them.  What was I THINKING??!!  I don’t think it’s very smart for a little old lady (that’s me) to go have a Come to Jesus meeting with 6 or 7 huge black guys!!  And I didn’t even take my pepper spray with me.  The guy who came to the door said they had to run the generator because it was so cold in their camper, “we can see our breff”.   I didn’t have any heat in my camper, and it was 65 degrees inside, which means it was about 55 outside, certainly not cold enough to see your breath!  So we chatted back and forth a bit and he REALLY didn’t want to shut it down, finally I said that if they didn’t, I would call the police.  So in a couple minutes, blessed silence!  Ahhhhh.  But of course I had a ton of adrenaline rushing through my system because I am NOT confrontational, and I suddenly realized what a stupid risk I took, so it took a long time to get to sleep.  They got up early in the morning, packed up and left.  Yippee!  They also left soda bottles, styrofoam cups and candy wrappers behind.  I’m thinking if you have to have THREE generators going, you probably should be staying in a motel.

But what got me was this awful weather…..rain all night, and another big moat all around my camper. The camper battery was down to less than 1/4 which is awfully low, and according to the weather report, there was not going to be any sun for at least 2 more days.  So I decided to break down and go get a campsite with electricity.  We’re at Twin Lakes Recreation Area near Clemson, SC.  $39 for 3 nights and we’re in a nice pull-through site overlooking the lake.  And I’m again a Happy Camper!  Electricity is such a marvelous thing, isn’t it?


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wow–in some areas you would be now feeding the fishes-I would have not confronted them and I carry a gun(or two) everywhere–lets not end up on “48 hrs”!


Hate to say this but I’d probably have done the same as you……and thought later “what the heck did I do??!!”. Nowadays, you never know…..


I’m one who probably would have confronted them and later said oh my what was I thinking. I love Twin Lakes. Are you in the section where we stayed last time we gathered there. Have you been to watsaddler over at Hartwell. It might be flooded out. But a nice campground.


I had a hard time deciding whether to go to Watsadler or Twin Lakes, but I knew I could get good cell signals here. Have not been to Hartwell or Watsadler in several years. I’m not in that same section we were in; I wanted a pull-through because it was raining so hard & I didn’t want to have to get out and look where I was backing, and all the pull-throughs in that section were taken. I’m in the very first section off to the right, #1-20 or something like that.


In my experience many African-Americans are respectful of their elders…it is part of the culture. Five or Six human beings put your comfort and well-being above their own. 🙂

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I have to disagree there Sue; in my eyes, 5 or 6 human beings completely disregarded the RULES and selfishly thought only of their own comfort (and it was not nearly as cold as they made it out to be) while totally ignoring the comfort of all the other campers in the vicinity. Sorry this is so late, I just found the comment.


Janis, I have followed your blog through rvsueand crew since you arrived from Ecuador.Those camping excursions together in your AFrames….. sounds like a fun group of ladies. I have enjoyed the blog up til now, but I have to say the way you expressed yourself in this episode put me off a little. I wonder if they had not been African -American, do you think you would have threatened to call the police for an all-night generator infraction? And were you joking about the pepper spray? Seems to me that people who enjoy camping, no matter what their race, tend to be simple and decent, more so than the average Joe. Yes, of course the world would be a better place if we would all respect quiet hours.This is a beautiful earth God has given us but we all connect with nature in our own way…riding horses…..enjoying friends. I hope there is enough room in the National Forests and in people’s hearts for All of Us


I understand, and I apologize….I did think about that later. But yes, I would have done the exact same thing (even though it was dumb!) if it had been anybody running a very loud generator into the night like that.

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If people cannot respect others sense of tranquility then by all means let them camp at Wall-Mart and leave nature to those who can respect others. Unfortunately, the Ferguson and Baltimore gangsters have ruined it for all people of color. Pray for our men and women in blue(what a thankless job that they have!)


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