No Good, Just The Bad and Ugly

I’ve enjoyed my neighbors up until now.  This afternoon, a whole bunch of people moved in.  There are 6 or 7 men and one woman; three pickup trucks, two horse trailers and a big travel trailer, and 4 horses.  They are taking up two campsites, one of which is not one designated for horses.  I wish they had found sites at the other end of the campground, not right next to me!  They unloaded (which required yelling) a bunch of stuff…smoker, bbq grill, big generator, etc. Once it got dark they cranked up the generator which has GOT to be the loudest one ever, and started up the loud music.  Sigh.  I hope they respect the 10 pm quiet time!

This is the first time I’ve run into disruptive people in the whole five months I’ve been out!  A couple times people played loud music during the day, and sometimes people ran generators but they were always the nice quiet kind.  I just hope they go home tomorrow.

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8 Responses to No Good, Just The Bad and Ugly

  1. brewjaz says:

    Well that IS no fun (neighbors like that). Fingers crossed that they leave soon!


  2. beemerguy03 says:

    it might be nice to start a blog with where you are at-hard to keep track?


  3. Janis that is the pits. You have had very good luck so far. Hope they are going home today and back to work tomorrow.


  4. goodsoozee says:

    I ditto Rose. Hope they are gone Sun. night.


  5. Linda, high in CO at 8500' says:

    Wonder why people like that go camping! How annoying and inconsiderate. Hope they move on very soon. 😱


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