And Still The Rain Reigns

UGH!  I am so tired of all the rain!  In a 6.5 x 9′ camper, where do you put the wet raincoat & towels, not to mention wet dog?!!  Even the stuff that’s not wet, feels damp. Make it stop!!  The latest weather report says tomorrow should be just overcast, not rainy, but then 4 more days of rain. Oh joy. At least I’ll be back under the carport in Asheville later this week, so it won’t be such a pain in the neck.

I did finally take advantage of a lull yesterday afternoon when it was only drizzling and got the camper unhooked from the car & leveled, and got out my little stepstool and bailed a bunch of water out of the kayak. It was not full of water, but it did have several inches in the bottom!  So then we were able to make a much-needed grocery store and WalMart run. I was completely out of dog food for Roxie but I studied the dog food selection at both stores and could not bring myself to feed her any of that awful stuff!  I knew it’d be bad but was hoping to find some organic treats or something. So I ended up buying some boneless chicken breasts to feed her. Sigh.  Rather pricey, but at least they were on sale for $1.99 a lb.  I have ordered some of her regular Castor & Pollux Organix which should be waiting for us when we get back to Asheville later this week.  On sale at PetSmart for only $13 a bag. Whip Hop!  It’s usually $19-22 in the stores so I ordered four 4# bags which I’ll have to fit into the car when we leave in late November.

In the past couple of weeks I suddenly have horrible arthritis pains in my right fingers, especially my thumb and middle finger.  Why couldn’t it be in my left hand that I don’t use so much?!  My friend Jeanne swears by the hematite magnetic rings and I’d found some for her in Ontonagon so I am borrowing them until I see her later this month.  They really do seem to help, especially with my thumb that’s trying to become a trigger finger. After wearing the ring for about 15 minutes, the thumb moves smoothly again. The only drawback is that it’s magnetic (duh!) so I have to keep my kitchen counter clear of small metal objects.  I’ll be reaching for something and wham, there’s a twist tie or paper clip stuck to my thumb, and it won’t shake off!  Slightly annoying, but it’s worth it. Now I wish I had bought more of those $2 rings.

The hazards of wearing magnetic rings:



2 replies on “And Still The Rain Reigns”

Ugh–arthritis in your hands….maybe worse because of the damp weather. I use a magnetic bracelet so I know what you mean by keeping clear of metal objects–ha ha!


I have it in my right hand middle finger which hinders my knitting at times. I type with this finger which seems to be okay. I have read and been told a warm wax soak works well. Heat paraffin in a small boiler or crock pot and cover the area that hurts. Haven’t tried it yet but keep thinking I will.


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