A Great Explanation of Solar Energy

Today is my last day of dog-sitting.  I’m sure Jake will be sooo happy to see his moms again!  They arrive around midnight tonight.  Then back to my teeny space!  I kind of missed it.  Their house is so big, just walking from the living room to the bathroom is a major hike for me!!    (My arthritis has been killing me lately!)

We are back on the road on my 67th birthday, November 27! First to Petersburg CG near Appling, GA for 10 days with my WACS (Women A-Frame Campers) group, then we head out to Arizona, which is feeling more and more scary by the minute.  It’s one thing to find an actual campground, but these free BLM camps have such vague directions!  Oh well, I’m sure it will be fine.  I really do dread the long drive to get out there though.

Sometimes people ask me about my solar panel hookup.  I found this article on the Roads Less Traveled blog, and it’s got the best explanation I’ve ever seen!  I was even able to read it without my eyes glazing over.  Hope you enjoy it!

RV Solar Panels – Flexible or Rigid? 12 or 24 volt? Mono or Poly? Yikes!




10 replies on “A Great Explanation of Solar Energy”

I’ve had my Aliner Scout for less than a year. My husband is still working, he really doesn’t want to retire. I would like to come over to Augusta and meet all of you. I’m 69, I kayak, hike some and live outside of Atlanta. I didn’t just want to drop in without letting someone know. I would like some camping friends. Thanks, Connie Hollis



You are leaving for Petersburg on your birthday and I will arrive there on mine (Dec. 2nd). We will have to celebrate! I can’t wait to see everyone. Susan in Georgia


Belated Happy Birthday. There are several sites that I live and die by when it comes to traveling. Roads Less Traveled is one of them. I need to get my head back into all this. I was nervous before my trip in 2005, Janis, but once on the road I left that all behind. I’m hoping the same thing happens this time. My main concern at the moment is wondering how I’m going to back it up into my driveway! LOL That should scare anyone!


Thanks, Hobopals! I’m sure you’ll be an expert in no time. BTW we talked about you yesterday; we were trying to tell the new gals about your hilarious stories, and how we can identify them with just one word, like “Goats”. Can’t wait to camp with you again!


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