Movin’ Along Again

Yippee, we’re off! We left Asheville yesterday morning (my birthday!) and drove about 4 hours, including a quick lunch stop, to Petersburg Campground near Appling, GA.  It’s an Army Corps of Engineers campground, and they are always nice. This is one of the few that are open all year round. Nearly all the sites are lakefront on Strom Thurmond Lake and many are pull-throughs.  $26 a night or $13 with the Geezer Pass.

Early morning reflectionsDSCN1588


About a dozen of my Womens A-Frame Camping group ladies are coming in the next few days, so it should be a fun week! We are here until Dec. 7.   I drove around the other loops and I think this one is the best; most of the others are perched way above the lake.  This loop, #1-27, the sites are very close to the lake level.  If you are a kayaker, they have good boat access right from the campsites.


Sites are really nice, with picnic tables, lantern posts, little walls to sit on, grills and even a little table next to the grill!

I was so tired last night, I didn’t feel like cooking and I thought restaurants were pretty far away.  So I ended up making a hamburger.  Not a very good Birthday Dinner!  This morning in the middle of making breakfast, I ran out of propane. Thank goodness I had not started to cook the pancakes!!  There’s a pretty well-stocked convenience store/gas station at Pollard’s Corners, about 2 miles south. (Any convenience store that offers both Ben & Jerry’s AND Magnum Bars is well-stocked, in my opinion)  And if you turn left at the 4-way stop there, there’s a Publix & CVS just about 5 miles up the road, and 2 more miles gets you Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Kroger, restaurants, etc.  So I could have taken myself out to dinner last night without having to go too far.  Oh well.  I got propane at the Ace Hardware.  As I was getting back into the car I glanced in the rear-view mirror and noticed I had not brushed my hair yet today…….a wild and scary sight!  Got gas for $1.76 a gallon.  I passed some stations in Greenwood, SC that advertised gas for $1.65 a gallon!!  I sure hope these low prices last at least til I get out to Arizona, that really helps the budget!

While I was in Asheville I was able to sell both of my old kayaks.  I can’t wait to try my new Jackson Riviera kayak! It’s a sit-on-top style because I just can’t get up out of a sit-in kayak without help any more.  Well I CAN, but it involves rolling the kayak over and falling out of it.  It does not look cool at all. That kayak sat on top of my car all summer and I never once used it until I met up with my friends in mid-August!  The Riviera is even good for up to Class II whitewater, and it’s pretty light, only 58# at 11′ 4″ long. Many of the 11′ sit-on-tops I looked at weighed 70# or more! It has a little dry hatch and a molded backrest that’s supposed to be very comfy. I hope to do some fishing & kayaking in Arizona.  That sounds strange, doesn’t it?  You wouldn’t think of kayaking in AZ but there are actually a number of lakes & reservoirs on the BLM land, and at the National Wildlife Reserves, and some of them allow camping too.





5 replies on “Movin’ Along Again”

Happy belated birthday!! That was hilarious about not combing your hair—sounds like something I would do! 🙂

What great gas prices–hope they stay that way….we need the break. Actually a permanent break would be nice….

Looks like a very nice campground, BTW.


I have stayed on the other side of that same lake on the SC side in the
State Park,…it is a great lake for kayaking, I don’t have a kayak of my own yet but soon I will get on it! Im like you prefer the sit on top 58# is not too bad! I also want to look at a Sea Eagle inflatable.


If you can possibly afford it, get a “real” kayak, not an inflatable. With the inflatables, you sit really low and it’s a lot harder to paddle; also they are really blown around by any wind at all. But whatever you get, it’ll be fun to get out on the water!


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