Day 2 – Simsboro, LA

Well I messed up my whole schedule of stops today. I was only going to do 258 miles today but I forgot about the time change and I was on the road by 8:30 a.m.  It was only 2 pm when I got to the place I’d planned to stay, so I just kept going another 120 miles.  Maybe I’m getting into the groove of driving long hours.  I’m very happy to be stopped now though!  I am at Antique Village RV Park in Simsboro, LA. Strange place, there’s a sign on the office door to put $22.50 in the pay slot.  There are no envelopes or anything there so you can say who you are though!  I wrapped the paper money in a pc. of paper with my license plate # and ALiner Popup on it.  ???!!   This place is all permanent residents, and not all that nice.  But it’ll be fine for one night, it’s only 1/4 mile from I-20, can’t beat that!   And I’ve just saved two whole night’s camping fees!  I was going to stop twice in TX but since I did the extra miles, I can just stop once between Ft. Worth and Abilene and then go to Tatum, NM, a cute town that has tons of cutout metal signs all over.  Tatum has a FREE city campground with elec. and everything!!  Nice. Maybe I’ll even stop for lunch at a restaurant in the next few days. Trying to save money, the past 2 days I’ve just eaten as I’m driving, dried apples and Fritos. I’m already pretty tired of that!  And I probably should stop for a decent amount of time for lunch. I did stop at a rest area and walk Roxie around quite a bit once today.  (Oh I stopped at ALL the rest areas, but not for long, usually) They don’t have nearly as many rest areas as NC does.   Lots of construction areas today but traffic moved along well.  Not much traffic at all, seemed to be just me and the truckers, except in the cities.

Have a bad hum from the kayak straps, I really should re-do them but I don’t know if I’ll feel like it. Ever.  I’d have to dig out the stepladder to do it. I just turn the radio up louder!!


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