Welcome to Texas! (Day 3)

Made it to Mingus, TX today.  Texas, land of the Big Highway Bumps and the shortest entrance ramps ever!  The road is actually pretty smooth, except everywhere there’s a bridge, there are huge bumps.  When I arrived here at Desert Rose RV Park, a lot of stuff had been thrown out of the bins and both screws had worked their way out of the stove cover!  Once I passed Ft. Worth, it got better.  Entering TX from LA I saw the sign saying it was Mile Marker 615.  615 miles of Texas, that’s a bit daunting!!

This is a small Passport America park ($18 on the pass) with pull-throughs and full hookups, including wi-fi that actually works!  I’m sure it helps that I’m right in front of the office. It is on the I-20 service drive so there’s a lot of highway noise but it will probably die down by bedtime.  Heck, it can’t be any worse than last night’s loooooong train whistles! There’s a fence about 50′ away with this encouraging sign:


I was worried about arriving here after dark so it was another day of dried apples & Fritos for lunch on the go.  I may never want to see another Frito after this trip!  I try to think of the money I’m saving on lunches.   If all goes well, tomorrow I get out of Texas and enter New Mexico!!




4 replies on “Welcome to Texas! (Day 3)”

You are making good progress. Stay safe and keep yourself and Roxie away from the snakes. Where are you stopping in NM? 💮💮


Any time you travel through the Fort Worth area in the future, you are welcome to camp in my driveway for free. 30 Amp service and water. Just send me an email so I can let my neighbors know if I am not home. If I am at home I think we can do better than Fritos and dried apples. Would love to meet you.


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