Windy Day in Socorro

Well I was going to leave this morning for Deming but I don’t know; it’s so windy right now, I’d be afraid to try and fold down the camper!  It’s possible for the two roof sections to fly apart in high winds.  I’m very grateful right now for my new wind straps that hold it tight together when it’s set up!

When I got up at 7, there were 6 tents that have sprung up out of nowhere!  Did they arrive late last night, or did they come super-early this morning?!  It’s a group of kids, must be Boy Scouts because no one else would be crazy enough to actually go tent camping in this kind of weather!  It’s about 45 degrees and REALLY windy (it’s shaking the camper with the gusts) and sometimes hard rain that blows straight sideways!  One of the tents has already succumbed but they valiantly set it back up.

During a lull I went out and got the car hooked to the camper but I just don’t know if I should get on the road with this going on.  If I’m going, I need to go soon, as it’s only going to get worse as the day goes on.  and if I stay here, I could get snow. Aaarrgh!  I can’t afford to spend $18 a night for camping; I need to do the free sites or the $5 dry camping, but I can’t do that until I get the fridge problem resolved, and that’ll be in Deming.  I think I’ll try to wait for a lull to fold down and get going, it’s only 150 miles.

I keep forgetting to say THANK YOU to everyone who uses my Amazon link (above right)!  I get a small percentage of each order and it doesn’t cost you any extra.  I need all the help I can get!


2 replies on “Windy Day in Socorro”

Thanks for sharing your travels. Good luck with the wind. I had an A-liner with the wind kit and wind could still be an issue. Snow today here in the mountains.


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