Madera Canyon


We’re in Madera Canyon for a few days, at Bog Springs Campground.  $5 a night with the Geezer Pass, it’s got everything you’d want except electricity.  It’s about 45 miles south of Tucson and way warmer than we have been! I didn’t even run any heat last night and kept warm…I think the low was close to 40 degrees, and it was a bit over 50 degrees in the camper.  There are lots of huge rocks and trees here and it’s a huge birdwatching area.  When we got here yesterday it was deserted but now there are a few more campers and quite a few hikers and birdwatchers.


Yesterday is was overcast when I got here so I didn’t know which was a good campsite for the solar panel, but I chose one that had the wind going the right way.  I kept the camper hooked to the car and paid for only one night, in case I wanted to move today.  The site goes downhill so the camper was VERY slanted; in fact I’m really surprised the refrigerator worked, it was so off-level. And it turns out, it’s not a great site for the solar panel but I just don’t feel like packing up and moving, so I booked it for an additional 3 nights. I just have to get up and move the panel several times a day as the sun moved behind the trees. It’ll be fine.


From here I can go to Tombstone, Bisbee and the areas south of Tucson.  For today Roxie and I are just relaxing.  She’s finally got her happy on again, now that we’re not driving long distances every day.  She has a special happy dance, playfully running helter-skelter in every direction with joy. I love to see her do that, and it was missing for that week that we were travelling daily. It’s nice to just sit and do nothing!

There’s a halfway decent wifi signal here; both Verizon and ATT but it comes and goes.  Usually by the time I see there’s 2 bars and get out the computer, it’s already gone. But I’m happy to get anything at all, this far from a town.


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Looks nice, is that office equipment in the first picture? Good that you and Roxie are warm and enjoying life.


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