Christmas Thoughts

Today I went to the grocery store to get a few goodies for my Christmas dinner.  What a dumb idea; the place was a madhouse!!  It took 25 minutes just to get through the checkout line.  But I’m back and all happy with my slice of ham and makings for scalloped potatoes (in a saucepan; it’ll be an experiment).  Oh and a couple bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola, made with real cane sugar, and some Cella’s Cherries. Gotta have a few Christmas treats!

The casino does not seem to be decorated for Christmas, at least not on the outside where I can see anything from here.

Here’s the view out my door:

Unfortunately, the interstate On Ramp is just beyond those bushes so it’s quite noisy all day, especially with trucks and cars accelerating to get up to highway speed (75 mph!) It didn’t bother me last night though, I slept just fine.  There are lots of different kinds of cacti in this little garden; I guess I need to do some studying.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas!



11 replies on “Christmas Thoughts”

I for one don’t judge “quality” of pictures…I’m not a photographer myself and know I take awful photos…and I love seeing pictures of where people are staying. Like txfisherman, I’m a shut-in these days and appreciate seeing other places. 🙂


Merry Christmas, Jan (I like the scalloped potatoes that come in a box)(stove top or Microwave) Yum! Sue really liked the Tupac area when she was out there


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