Strange Planes & Errands

Two nights ago a plane kept swooping around over and over, barely clearing the treetops!  It seemed to be doing big loops, turning just past the camp and then flying super-low practically over my head, then it would go over towards the huge agri fields across the levee road. It looked like it was only about 25′ from the ground. Back and forth, probably 30-40 times!  It was pretty scary to see that going on at night; I was sure he was going to hit the tree and go cartwheeling into the lake!  Evidently it was a crop-duster; the guy next door says they do it at night because there’s less breeze. Good to know.

Last night the low was supposed to be 41 in Yuma. So I didn’t run any heat, but was cold around midnight so I turned on the stove & the little fan over it to blow the heat over my way. Not long after that I heard the flame sputter out….out of propane!  The actual low here was 29, and it was only 38 in the camper when I woke up!  Brrrrrr….actually I was fine except for my face. Thank goodness for nice fleece sheets to pull up and keep my ears cozy. I also have a small pc. of fleece that I can drape over my head. (I hate hats!)  I was happy to find that it was easy to switch over to the new propane tank; I wasn’t really sure if the hose line would reach it, of if I’d have to switch the tank positions.

Tonight’s low is supposed to be 40, I wonder if that means it’s going to be  28 here??  I don’t understand why it would be so much colder here.  (The actual low in Yuma was 38)

Today I did a couple errands and it took all day!  Funny how that works.  First Roxie and I drove out to Mittry Lake Wildlife area which is about 8 miles farther out.  They allow free camping for up to 10 days a year. I had fully expected to want to move over there tomorrow, but a fire had gone through there recently and it was pretty ugly.  But it was still quite crowded with campers; didn’t see any open sites on the lake but I did not go all the way around either; I was running low on gas and thought I’d better get back towards town.  So I got some expensive gas ($2.04) and found a laundromat; washed and mostly dried a huge load of clothes. The things that are still damp are hanging & draped all over the place in here and in the car…..I just didn’t feel like sitting through another quarter’s worth of drying time.

And I went to the grocery store… was a madhouse again! Now I guess people are stocking up for their New Years parties. Sigh.  I guess it had to happen sometime…..I got hungry for VEGETABLES!!  Yes, ME!  So I got some frozen green beans and cut carrots, I think I can keep them frozen if I stick them at the very back & bottom of the fridge.  Also got some fruit.  I asked the checkout guy if he had a guest card so I could get the specials, and he said no.  He asked me where I was from and when I told him NC, he asked if I had a Harris-Teeter card.  It worked!   The Fry’s chain and H-T are both owned my Kroger so any of their loyalty cards work….nice!

Now that I’m all stocked up on groceries and clean undies I’ll probably just be spending the next few days lounging around camp.


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Hi, Janis,
I’ve been reading your blog a while and did go back and read all the earlier posts. I had been following RV Sue and was interested in your adventures from yours posts on her blog. It’s amazing sometimes the difference in being away from a city will make in the temps. It sounds like you have taken care of most of the essentials so enjoy snuggling in and watching the winter sunsets! Scritches to the rest of your camping family!


Sounds like you need a dual tank regulator – no moving the hose.

Then there are the dual tank auto switching regulators. Very handi until you realize you are totally out because you forgot to check the indicator to see if it had switched.


We have the dual tank regulator but don’t use it – it’s nice to know when one tank is empty so you can get it filled. No surprises that way. And don’t they always run out in the middle of the night?


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