Sunset over Fortuna Pond

Happy New Year!  No resolutions here; no sense disappointing myself with an epic fail! It’s been very cold at night…..but only here on the Pond!  This morning the temp here was 26 degrees at 7 a.m.  I checked the weather on line and it said it was 46 in Yuma!  I don’t get it (and neither does anyone else here).  Yuma is only 8 miles away, over flat land; no difference in elevation!  Why on earth would it be 20 degrees colder here?!  I want the 46!  The guy next door said that he drove towards town last night and only one mile from here, the temp was 7 degrees higher.

I’m doing fine heating the camper part time with the cooktop and a small fan to move the heated air, though it only heats the upper half of the camper; since heat rises, nothing below the countertop level gets any heat at all.  So I’ve forced Princess Roxie to sleep on the bed for the past few nights.  She doesn’t like it, and neither do I, but at least it’s warmer up here than on the floor.  I shut the heat off before I go to sleep, and light it up again if it’s gotten just too cold (below 50) in the night.

According to the averages, December has the coldest nighttime temperatures, so things should be warming up a bit soon.  I hope so!

Ooooh, the coyotes are howling!


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I’ve lived exactly how you are describing, down to wolves (and foxes) howling. I too had heat just up high where I slept, in my truck bed camper in freezing weather. You do what you have to, right? At least I had access to electricity usually, and had/have a mattress warmer. I love that thing. When I was essentially homeless for a couple winters, I slept with several layers of clothing, a lot of bedding, and two kitties to keep me warm. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that this winter!

What exactly is the Pond, a camping site? I’m tracking all boondocking sites for when I’m living in my house truck.

Stay warm, and enjoy each day. 🙂


You’re right, Parker! And it’s not miserable, just inconvenient and not quite what I “signed up for”, LOL. I too LOVE my electric mattress pad, but I didn’t even bring it with me because I knew I’d seldom have electricity on this trip. Fortuna Pond is a 14-day free BLM site just north of Yuma. The pond is stocked with trout, perch and some other kind of fish (I forgot what) and there are RV’s scattered all around it. It’s a pretty popular place for ATV’s but so far they’ve been good about going very slowly past the RV’s to keep the dust down. If you Google “Fortuna Pond BLM” you’ll find lots more info on exactly where it is, etc.

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I always sleep in my sleeping bag in cold weather zipped with blankets on top. You know back in the day my Granny used to keep big rocks on the fireplace hearth and she wrapped a rock in a towel and put it at the foot of the bed, that rock would stay warm like forever…Just turned cold here(SC) today was the warmest Dec on record!


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