California Bound

I think I’ll be leaving here tomorrow, heading for Anza-Borrego State Park near the Salton Sea in CA.  I wasn’t able to get a dental appointment; I read that Mexico celebrates Christmas until Jan. 6 so maybe she’s been out the whole time and that’s why she didn’t answer email or the phone. I’ll try to get an appointment for late next week and come back to Yuma for that, it’s just 2 hrs. drive. I just have to remember not to smile in the meantime.

I’m excited that I’m meeting up with Linda, who I met in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this past summer!  She & Roger have been touring the U.S. since May. Roger has gone back to Maryland for a bit so she’s going to camp with me for a week or so.  It’ll be nice to have company and another Human to talk to.

My errands today made me realize just how many Snowbirds there are here in Yuma!  I should have gotten a clue from the wall-to-wall RV parks that are here.  First I went to get my propane tank filled. There are two guys filling tanks so there are two lines of cars. I was 9th in line on my side….out of the parking lot, waiting at the side of the road.  Some of the ones in front of me were big rigs, with big propane tanks. It took 30 minutes just to get up to first place!  It sure was cheap though; $2.19 a gallon so filling my 20# tank cost just $10.  I usually pay between $16-20 for a fill!

Then I went to Wal-Mart, where the parking lot was jammed with cars. It was pretty amazing!  There were no shopping carts available, I had to wait for someone to leave their cart at the door.  So of course the aisles were crammed with people and the checkout lines were insane.  You’d have thought it was Christmas shopping time or something!!

My next errand was to the post office.  The parking lot was full and I had to wait for someone to leave so I could park. When I went inside, there were 27 people waiting in line!! What the heck! I quickly decided not to send the one package, and the other thing was an oversized card. I had two stamps in my wallet so I stuck them on it and just hope it’s enough. I heard someone in line comment that it’s been worse; sometimes the line goes around the building. This is crazy! I just can’t help wondering, if it’s this crowded in Yuma, what could Quartzsite be like??  It’s a smaller town with way more Snowbirds than here (I think!).

It rained off & on all day today so I’m glad I was able to recharge the Kindles, laptop and mobile hotspot in the car while I was running my errands (using an inverter).  I didn’t have to drain down the camper battery, since it didn’t get a solar charge today.

And now I’m all set up for heat; I’ll just put the spare propane tank in the camper and use an adapter hose to either of the catalytic heaters, depending on how cold it’s going to be.  It’ll be great not to have to use those expensive 1# propane bottles.


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Wow, that’s a whole lotta lines! Must have been an interesting mix of feelings to go along with that ~ nice to have people around but not so nice to have *that* many people around, lol.

Do you like using propane? I’m debating if I should have a propane-powered heating system in my truck as a back-up. It seems like a no-brainer, but space is extremely limited in there. I figure if I do go that route, I could also use the propane for an instant-on hot water heater (once I can afford one).

I need to go back through your blog to see your set-up. You are living so close to how I will be.


I have no choice about using propane as a heat source since I don’t have a generator. It’s fine, the catalytic heaters are very efficient as long as you have a little battery fan to push the heat around, otherwise it goes straight up to the ceiling. The ideal thing would be the Olympian Wave 3 heater, it’s adjustable from 1500-3000 btu’s and works off the bulk propane tank, usually with “quick-connect” fittings. It’s quite small and slim. I think you’d still want a fan though, to get the best use of it. My fan runs off 4 AA batteries and they are rechargeables, Seems to be working pretty well so far. The only problem with the Olympian is the cost but I think it’d be worth it.

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Have fun at the Salton Sea. I have no idea why, but I’ve always wanted to see the sea. I’ll be interested in your experience.


Good to see you surviving! Been a crazy winter all over the country. I think it was 78 Christmas Day, then in the 20s a few days later. Torrential rain somewhere in there but I don’t remember when. I was planning to leave in April, but my granddaughter is getting married June 11. I’m making lemonade out of lemons and have signed up for the Arkansas and Ohio meets. Good shake down trips. Any thing wrong, I’m not far from the dealer I bought from. I got myself a Little Buddy heater (just in case) and I have a generator, too. I even have a big noisy diesel truck in case I ever park near you! 😜


I’d gladly listen to your noise, just to camp with you! Sounds like a good plan, going to AR and OH. You’ll have a ball and so will everyone else. Will you head West straight from Ohio then?


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