Today I went back to Mexico to get my new bridge.  It fits fine and I’m totally happy with it……except for the expense, of course; who could love spending money on THAT?!  Coming back through Customs the man asked me what I was bringing back and I said “$700 worth of new teeth” and he said “Let’s see!”  He liked them.

I don’t know what I did, but I deleted all the photos off my camera disk, except for one from 2010 (showing a person I don’t even recognize) and one from 2011.  Good thing I have the blog so I still have those photos!  Heaven only knows what’s gone that I don’t even remember, but I think that’s good.  I won’t miss what I don’t know about.

Linda took this photo of Princess Roxie and I today, not bad!  Sorry I didn’t have a big grin on my face so I could show you my new teeth.

Janis y Roxie

I think I am getting acclimated to the cold!  I woke up at 5:30 this morning and it was 46 degrees in the camper and I thought it was perfectly comfy!  I do have the heater all hooked up and ready to fire up, should I really need it.  I has been way below normal temps at night but the days are just glorious, filled with sunshine and warmth (low 60’s).  Nearly everyone here is from British Columbia or Alberta, Canada.  I guess if I lived there I would definitely get outta town for the winters!



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Lookin good… are both looking hale and hearty! Congrats on the teeth. I have to dental work for a broken crown and have dental insurance…but even with that I will still have to pay $450 out of my own pocket. I have other work to be done but will have to same my pennies to have that down because most of it is not covered by my dental coverage.

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You are just the coolest lady. You and Roxie look so relaxed in that picture. 🙂 Glad the visit worked out for you. Not having your teeth work (or look) right is awful, but with the new bridge you are set for quite a while? I don’t know how much maintenance they need. Hopefully not much.
Isn’t it interesting how we are able to adapt to our surroundings? I walked outside just a little while ago, and it’s in the upper 30’s/lower 40s and a little misty out, and I swear it felt just a touch balmy compared to the frigid and snowy sub-freezing weather of a week ago. Made me laugh when I realized how thrilled I was with the “warmer” weather!
Take care of yourself and the little miss, take more photos, and have fun.. 🙂



Yes, hopefully the rest of my teeth will hold up for awhile. I’ve always had bad teeth though,,so I never know when something else is going to fall apart! I’m pretty good about rolling with the punches though, like one of those inflatable clowns that bounces back up after you punch him down.


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