Odds & Ends at Joshua Tree

Monday afternoon a couple in a big 5th wheel came and tried to park about 50′ from me, which did not make me very happy.  They went to and fro and finally gave up on that site, and moved to within 25′ of me!  Luckily they couldn’t get comfortable in that site either, so they went away.  Geez, if I wanted to be that close to my neighbors I’d go to an RV park!

I accidentally left Roxie’s Flexi-Lead at my cousin’s house so she is sending it to me via General Delivery at the post office nearby.  I hope it works! I did not had good luck with General Delivery other time I tried it.

I declared a Do Nothing Day yesterday. I just hung around the camper, read and relaxed.  It looks like today might be the same thing, but I have Places to Go and Things to Do, I should get going…………..maybe later.

I’ve been using this great little inflatable solar light that my friend Jerry told me about…it’s small and flat until you blow it up into a little 4″ cube.  It is amazingly bright and I can use it to light the whole camper at night, and it lasts for hours.  It has 3 settings…bright, super-bright, and SOS flash.  I just use it on bright and it’s plenty of light for my small camper.  I put it in the wire basket over my head so it shines down, but it also has a little hang loop.

Someone asked to see photos of my camper; I assume he meant inside.  I have some old photos of it before I put all my junk in it, so here they are. This first one is the bed area.  Instead of this sofa, I now have a permanent 34″ wide bed with a small seating area on each side. Originally it was a dinette with bench seating on each side but the owners before me converted it to the sofa configuration.  My little dining table is residing under a friend’s bed in Georgia!

A Bed

The next two are the kitchen area; it’s a wrap-around kitchen with quite a bit of good storage. The door on the front left (2nd photo) has shelves behind it holding my plastic bags/wraps, a plastic dishpan full of spices, and a dishpan of first aid type stuff, including my famous suture kit.  Whenever my camping friends get a little cut or scratch I always offer to get out my suture kit. Nobody ever takes me up on my offer though; what a bunch of wimps!

A Kitchen 2

A Kitchen1

My porta-potty sits in front of the microwave and I also use it to sit on (Yes, with the lid down!) while I do food prep, cook and eat.  Talk about a double-duty piece of furniture!  There are 2 drawers below the microwave and I pull out the top one and the drop-down microwave door rests on that, making a nice level work surface.

Sandy Keys kindly sent me some photos of that really cool Honda Racing truck that I told you about…..check out what it’s like when it’s all set up!  Is that amazing, or what?!  And that cute little pickup truck rides inside, too.

Honda truck









6 replies on “Odds & Ends at Joshua Tree”

It’s roomier than I thought…I love sleeping in my van its very cozy but I have no kitchen something like this might be the answer, it has to be small I have considered doing a conversion on a Enclosed utility trailer, with a 6 ft inside height…put in a kitchen and bath, and a bed for my dogs so they can have their own space.


On the inside it is 6.5′ x 9′. ALiner also makes a model called a “Weekender” (if used) or the new ones are called “Ranger 10″, that has a 40″ wide dinette/bed and a 30” bunk on the other side, but much less kitchen space. Unless your dogs are very small, you’d never be able to walk on the available floor space without squishing dogs!


Thanks for the pics, I have been looking at an a frame built by rockwood. Do you think the high sides would be a big help?


The higher sides on a Rockwood mean your kitchen counters will be higher, and that’d be much more comfortable for your back, if you’re cooking while standing up. (I sit!) The Rockwoods seem to have a lot more amenities for a much lower price, if your tow vehicle can stand the extra weight….they are considerably heavier than an ALiner.


Ron, I’m just curious, other than towing, why go from a Casita to an A frame. Does your Casita have a toilet and wet bath?


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