Buckeye Hills Regional Park

Last night I cooked a little pork tenderloin on the Weber Q grill. Isn’t it pretty? Tasted really good too, and I have leftovers!


Now we’re at Buckeye Hills Regional Park just outside of Buckeye (duh!) and 30 miles west of Phoenix. Deb, one of my blog followers, mentioned she’s got a solar panel she’s not using that I could have!  So I thought I’d get closer to Tucson in case that works out.

The place is pretty full but everyone is scattered way out, so I only have one neighbor, about 100′ in front of me.  It is free camping for 14 days, though our neighbor said they’d been here since October, so apparently it’s not enforced. If we can stay here for 20 days that’ll be great; then I can just zoom up to Sedona for the Valentine’s weekend A-Liner rally at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Good thing that’s already paid for, or I wouldn’t be able to go.

There’s a bathroom, picnic tables, and trash barrels here!!  For FREE!  OK the bathroom is pretty awful but I just need a place to dump the porta-potty, so I don’t care.  Some of the picnic tables have shade thingies over them. The trash barrels are already overflowing, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  Still amazing amenities for a free campsite! And I’m getting a good wifi signal too.

Here’s the view of the mountains from the door side.


And a corner of the restroom & some of the picnic tables hiding among the saguaro cactus.



On the way here I took a tiny detour to go through Hope, AZ.  I felt like I needed some Hope.  Imagine my dismay at seeing this sign on my way out of town!! Sigh. I was afraid of that.



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