What The Heck Was I Thinking?!

Do you ever ask yourself, “What the heck was I thinking??” This morning I made my Everything Eggs Scramble….sausage, ham, potatoes, green & red peppers, onions, eggs and cheese.  It’s delicious!  I beat the eggs in a little 6 oz. clear plastic cup and left it sitting on the counter while I cooked the potatoes, onions & peppers. Later I saw it sitting there and somehow my brain said “Oh yum, orange juice”!  I picked it up and took a big swig and thank GOD the texture registered as wrong before I swallowed!!!  Boy that would have been a horrible mess to clean up.

After breakfast, Roxie and I went off exploring. We went to Parker Dam, CA and drove over the Colorado River to the AZ side.  Commercial trucks, RV’s and trailers are not allowed to cross on the dam (since 9/11) and the road is closed off from 11 pm til 5 a.m. daily.


We went to Bill Williams River National Wildlife Reserve which frankly was not much to see; it’s riparian so it’s pretty much just the river & some land on the far side.  They had a desert tortoise habitat:


But I looked and looked, and there was no tortoise in there.  Apparently that one’s struggles are over!



Colorado River views from the Reserve (above)

When we got back, I had another “What the heck was I thinking” episode. A big wind had come along and blown my solar panel over onto the rough gravel. The whole face of it is a spiderweb of broken glass!!  It’s still charging but how long will I be able to keep the glass intact?  Sigh.  So sad. I’ve been using it for 8 months and it has never blown over before. I thought I had it situated behind the camper so the wind wouldn’t get to it; also it was calm when I left here.  Well there’s a $140 mistake.  January has sure been a bad month for me; I can’t wait for February to get here!!!


And still no burro sightings, either. As my friend Bobbye said, there are plenty of other wildasses on the road though.


6 replies on “What The Heck Was I Thinking?!”

Hi Janis and Roxie,
Sorry you are having a bad time of it. Would clear packing tape work on the solar panel? Just a thought. Hope things get better. February is only 5 days away!


It might, but I found on the internet a way to stretch UV-resistant plastic over it and seal the edges against moisture; I think that’d be easier and better. Thanks for the suggestion though!


Oh no! My solar setup is waiting for me at my ‘home base’ mail place at the moment. So sorry that happened to you and hopefully you will find a fix. I am thankful that you shared as I will be sure to secure mine well and not leave it out when I am away from the camper. Love your blog and I hope your luck turns for the better but you have a very good attitude regardless. You inspire!

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