The Kindness of Strangers

Today Roxie and I went to Tucson to meet Deb Heilig, one of my blog followers and a fellow ALiner owner.  She GAVE me a new solar panel!!!  It’s exactly the same as the one I broke. What are the chances of that happening, and her being so close to me as well?  I’m blown away by her generosity!!  Thank you, Deb!!!

I followed Brunhilda’s (my GPS) advice in going to Tucson instead of how Deb told me to go, and I sure was sorry.  Actually I aimed for the wrong Wal-Mart as well; who knew there’d be two Wal-Marts on the same road?!  I ended up going right through downtown Tucson, creeping along for blocks and blocks. They have a streetcar and I saw this sign. Ouch, that looks painful! Good thing he’s wearing a helmet.


Also, many thanks to everyone using my Amazon Associates link! I know it takes extra effort to go in through the link when you want to buy something and I really do appreciate it!  If you’re not aware of the program, I get a small percentage of each sale that’s done through the link at top right, and you pay the same price as you would have anyway. I earned $101 in January!!!  WOW!

I cut Roxie’s bangs and really did a bad job of it.  Looks like one of those bowl haircuts!!  I guess tomorrow I’ll try to feather it some……keep your fingers crossed that I don’t make it worse. You can see she looks pretty grumpy about the whole thing.

R Haircut

At the campsite, someone has made paths  to the picnic tables with little rocks. It sure looks like a lot of work, and I’m wondering why.  It’s not like there’s anything to protect if you walk outside the path; it’s the same ol’ desert that’s inside the path!  ??


And here’s last night’s sunset.  Good night, everyone, and THANK YOU!!!



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Once again I have to say that seeing people be good to each other makes my day. 🙂
I think maybe the paths were done by someone there for a while, who just felt like prettying things up? Or a kid or two…they love moving rocks around. Whatever ~ it’s kind of nice.

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I would think the paths show the way to the picnic tables, etc, in case you just wandered about looking for them, it would take longer and maybe get lost in the desert!. they do make it more attractive. Enjoy your blogs. thanks.


What a nice thing that your blogger friend did for you! Yes, there are many kind and giving people out there. Full timing has brought me many friends that I otherwise probably would have never met and I am grateful for every one of them.

I think Roxie’s bangs look cute! A little feathering may help but remember hair shrinks when it is dry if you cut it wet…lol. I know from my own experience. I am sure she feels beautiful just getting all the attention of a ‘new do’.

Happy trails, be safe and tie down that solar panel! 🙂


Its easy. I did what you said and just copied the link that showed up on the Amazon page when I linked through your blog, made that copy my way of logging onto Amazon each time. I keep it under my Popular heading. I just checked and it looks the same if I enter via your blog or through my Popular /Amazon link. Don’t have to log to your blog each time, can scoot to Amazon in a second. Now, I’m not sure that’s the good news because it makes it even easier to spend money.



It’s at the top right of my blog, “BUY IT AT AMAZON” in blue. If you click on that, it takes you to Amazon with an imbedded link to my Associates account. (It will look exactly like the Amazon home page you’re used to seeing) So if you buy anything using that link, I get a small percentage (6 or 6.5%) of the sale! And it doesn’t cost you anything extra.


I have learned that those GPS units are OK if you dont know where your going but when someone gives me directions I tend to take those and turn the GPS off……….
great post but more pictures please for us shut ins………..HA

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