Rockin’ and Rollin’

It’s February at last! Now all those bad January things are behind me and I’m starting a brand-new month, with nothing but GOOD things happening, I’m sure.

Whooo!  Yesterday afternoon the wind started kicking up and it just got worse and worse. Sustained winds of 20-25 mph with gusts up to 50, according to Intellicast weather! I moved the new solar panel to the back side of the camper where it was more protected, and anchored it down good!!

Having high winds is sure a great way to find out where the wind leaks are in your camper.  Sheesh, in a popup like this, they’re everywhere! It’s a wonder this thing is so easy to heat (when it’s not windy, that is). I had breezes everywhere. Thank goodness it was not very cold outside. I ended up putting fleece blankets across most of the door side of the camper to block the wind. I know the door needs new seals, maybe this will give me the final push to get that project done. It’s such a huge hassle to remove all the old sticky adhesive.

We even had some rain….blowing sideways! I was actually pretty scared there for awhile, I was afraid we were going to become a big aluminum tumbleweed!

But it’s morning now and all is well. The wind has died down to 15-20 and is supposed to keep up til midnight tonight, and go down to 35 degrees tonight so I guess I’ll be cranking up the little heater for sure.  I think I won’t even put the solar panel out today, just to make sure it stays safe.

My neighbor left yesterday and gave me a bunch of organic condiments! He’s putting his camper in storage, flying to New Zealand and renting a camper there for 6 weeks!!  Nice.



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