Just Hangin’ Out

Nothing’s going on here lately; just hanging out and enjoying the desert. It’s been quite cool at night; dipping down into the mid-20’s! Don’t you just hate it when the temperatures deviate from the norm?!  The average temps for this day are 39/71.  That’s what I want! Thank goodness, as soon as the sun comes up everything starts to warm up nicely. One morning in Yuma it zoomed from 55 degrees inside the camper to 77 degrees, in 45 minutes! And the nighttime temps are supposed to be coming up, and in fact, by next Tuesday the low is supposed to be 50!  Yayy!

I am loving how the dry desert air makes my arthritis so much better. But Princess Roxie is not so happy about it….it makes for Bad Hair Days, especially when she’s been rooting around in her fleece blankie.



I spend the days reading, playing games on the Kindle (I’m a wizard at the slot machines!), doing research for my summer adventures back in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and going for short walks with Roxie.  What a life!









11 replies on “Just Hangin’ Out”

That first picture of Roxie is adorable! Have been loving your sunrise/sunset pictures. So pretty. Forgot to comment the other day about how nice it was of Deb? Helbing? (sorry) to give you that solar panel. Wonderful people out there yet! Glad it is February and things are looking up for you 🙂 Still have a few blogs to read to catch up and hope things stay good! Happy travels!


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