It’s Warming Up

It’s warming up in southern Arizona! Next week is supposed to have highs in the low 80’s, which is a little above my tolerance range. So instead of staying here until next Friday, I think we’ll be leaving on Monday and heading up to the Sedona area,where the highs are supposed to be in the mid-70’s and lows around 40. We are going to an ALiner gathering at Dead Horse Ranch State Park from Feb. 12-15, so we’re just going to arrive a little early and go to the free BLM land for a few days first.

Today I picked up a couple month’s worth of mail via General Delivery at the post office in Buckeye, then made a Wal-Mart run. SO many people at Wal-Mart! I would not ordinarily shop there on a Saturday but if we’re leaving here on Monday, I had to go out and pick up the mail today, and I like to consolidate the trips to save gas.

Yesterday I had company, an old friend from my dog show days who used to live at North Pole, Alaska and now is in Casa Grande, AZ. We had a good long chat and she brought a delicious lunch…chicken salad roll-ups in croissant dough and a yummy dessert of pound cake, lemon curd and fresh blueberries and sliced strawberries. And I got to keep the left-overs, too!


6 replies on “It’s Warming Up”

Sounds really good. You stay safe as you go moving to next place. Amazing you can keep on the go like you do. You go girl and enjoy while you can. Joyce


You used to be involved in dog showing? I used to train and show horses. I miss that so much sometimes…do you miss the shows too? Did you breed and show, or were you a handler for other people? I’ve gone to a few dog shows and they are really interesting!


Yes, I bred, raised and showed English Cocker Spaniels for almost 20 years. I was a terrible handler though! I don’t really miss the shows that much but I do miss some of the people. and the camaraderie.


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