What a surprise, it’s yet another beautiful sunny day in Sedona! The temp went down to 35 last night but is supposed to go to 80 today! Huge temperature swings here.

It’s my brother’s birthday today; he would have been 71. As you know, some of his ashes in a little brass apple are traveling with me, so as a treat I let him come out and see the hot air balloons this morning. He’s not getting any cake though!





There were 3 balloons but 2 were too far away to photograph. I wonder if I could see hot air balloons every morning here if I just got up a little earlier?

Yesterday we went to Cottonwood and did laundry and got some groceries, then came back and drove on up this road to see what all the activity is about!  Turns out this is the road to the Palatki Ruins Heritage Site. I didn’t go all the way to the ruins, they are 7 miles up and you have to have a reservation to see them. But when I got back, I read in my notes that the views are great from there, so I think we’ll go back today. I did find some more good boondocking sites along the road too, and I might come back here after this weekend’s ALiner Rally at Dead Horse Ranch State Park, if the weather is going to be good.  I am such a planner; it bugs me no end to not know where I’m going next! But I have to wait and get weather reports and then figure out where is not too hot or too cold.

There’s tons of cool stuff to see in this area but I haven’t been exploring it much, as I’ll be back for another 6 days in early May, with Jeanne and maybe her sister Joanne. Exploring is always more fun with company!

These cacti are all over the place here. I don’t know what their official name is but I call them “Mickey Mouse Ears”


Last night there was another brilliant sunset. Arizona is so GOOD at that!


Thank you, everyone, for buying your Amazon purchases through my Associates link (above right)!  I am SO grateful, especially since you have to remember to take the time to do that extra step.  I love you guys; you’re the best!!



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It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that carries a deceased family member with them. I have part of the ashes from my dad in one of the shells that were shot off at his funeral. I keep it in my purse and every once in awhile I take it out and have a drink with him. Those were the good times.

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Hi Janis The Mickey Mouse cactus are really called Pickly Pear Cactus. In the spring pretty little flowers bloom around the edge of new growth and then they grow into prickly pears. I have some in my front yard. My car is getting fixed right now but we will have to meet up before or after Jeanne comes to Arizona. It does get cold at night in the desert you might end up coming south when this warm weather turns cool. I really enjoy your blog! Safe Travels! Joanne


In Texas they make jelly from the prickly pears, its pretty good.
I went back and read your blog from the beginning and I have a few questions? How and why the Aliner? Is your yak a white water kayak?


Wow Ron, thanks for doing all that reading! I got into ALiners because I had a very small car (Subaru Outback Sport, the little hatchback) and needed something really light. My first ALiner was a big Expedition model and was really too heavy for the car, so the first chance I got, I downsized to the Sportliner, and I love it! As for the kayak, it’s a Jackson Riviera; I needed a sit-on-top because my knees are bad and I was unable to get out of my sit-in kayaks. They tell me it’s good for up to Class 2 whitewater! I started out in whitewater when I was 53 years old and I love it, but I don’t do it any more. So I’ll just be using it on slower rivers and lakes. I’ve always liked a kayak with a lot of rocker to it though. (the curved shape of the bull)


For some reason, my comment didn’t go through the other day. I said we were so different–I don’t plan anything. Well, I take that back…I do make reservations ahead of time when I’m guided by the WACs who plan.

To the people who read your blog: One way to always remember to purchase from Amazon through Janis is to bookmark her blog and rename it Amazon.


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