Cottonwood A-Frame Rally

Well the A-frame rally at Dead Horse Ranch State Park is over. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t take a single photo the whole 3 days!  There were 17 or 18 A-frames there, of all makes, models and sizes, from 6.5′ long (box size) to the (seemingly) gigantic Chalet 1935 which has a 15′ box size! And lots in between. The “standard” box size is 12′ and is 15′ overall.

On Saturday, Dan from the local RV service place came and did a question and answer session with us and I think we all learned something! I learned that it’s OK if my camper levels are different on the tongue and inside the camper, and that I should level it to the inside floor.  (I’ve been kind of splitting the difference).  After that we all traipsed around to see everyone’s campers and what cool modifications they’ve done.  My favorite was Deborah Capodices’s adorable tiny ALiner A-Lite which is the smallest model. It comes with just some benches with cushions which all go together to make a bed that fills the space. But she’s made a single sofabed with colorful cheery fabric and has a little tiny sink & stove on the other side. And maybe a fridge, but I can’t remember. This is one that I really really meant to get photos of, but fell down on the job.  I’m sorry!   I heard someone say about mine, “Well she sure knows how to fill the space”!! LOL

Party Central was at Donna Morey’s site, and she’s a fantastic hostess! She had fresh coffee going early every morning and snacks, cold water, etc. all the time.  We had a terrific potluck dinner on Saturday night and there were always people sitting around chatting all day and half the night.

What a GOOD TIME!  I met so many super-nice people! It was odd at first to have men in the group….I usually camp by myself, with the Women A-Frame Campers group, or with women friends. I don’t know how long it’s been since I socialized with men!  Just have to remember not to talk about your Lady Parts.

I SO want to come back next year but probably will be spending next winter in NC/SC.   But if you are an A-frame camper and can make it next year, it’s going to be held on President’s Day weekend, Feb. 16-20. Mark your calendars because this event is not to be missed! Dead Horse Ranch starts taking reservations 12 months in advance. If you reserve early and it turns out you can’t go, you get a full refund minus only a $5 reservation fee. There’s tons of interesting things to see & do around here too…inside the state park and in the surrounding area.

So now I’m back at my former boondocking site halfway between Cottonwood and Sedona, on FR 525 (Red Canyon Road). I had scoped out a couple nicer sites that had trees for shade, but of course they were already taken.  The weather looks pretty good to stay here for the next 10 days or so.




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Sounds like you had a great time at the rally. Some times low numbers are better, makes it easier to talk to folks including the men. So what adaptions did you like that you might use in your A-Frame?

I am disappointed that you did not take pictures tho’.

Happy trails my friend. Joan.


Low numbers? That was LOT of people! I didn’t really see anything new that I can use; I’m pretty crammed in here right now and I kinda have my own system, know where everything is, etc. But it’s always fun to LOOK!


I’m sure if you asked, anyone would probably be happy to show off their campers! We know they’re kind of unique and are used to people wanting to see the inside. Sometimes people even go right up to the windows and peer in! I don’t recommend doing that, especially mine because the porta-potty is right out there in the open and trust me, nobody would want THAT seared into their corneas!!!


“Just have to remember not to talk about your Lady Parts.” — Ha ha!

Glad you had such a wonderful time! If I didn’t live so far (Pennsylvania) I would go next year. Oooh—I so envy you and others that can travel for extended times and/or full time!


Yes, this year’s Cottonwood, AZ rally is March 1-5 at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. If you want to go, make reservations NOW! Sure, there are rallies all over the place. How about a Women’s A-Frame Camper rally at Hunting Island State Park in SC? April 29 – May 13. Are you on Facebook? The group is Womens A-Frame And Other Campers. Also the A-Liner Owners Club often has rallies…always one at Myrtle Beach in early May. Lots of good info on their website:


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