Breakfast & a Mysterious Disappearance

Anyone who knows me also knows I’m a big fan of a proper breakfast. No, cold cereal is not a proper breakfast. I almost always make what most people would consider a “Sunday” breakfast. I usually plan it out the day before or if I didn’t, I lay in bed awhile in the morning just thinking about what to have. Yum, yum! Today I had one of my favorites….sourdough pancakes.  When I was a kid, my Sunday school teacher at Novi Methodist Church, Maxine Gillett would always bring a Thing of Beauty. It could be just a pretty apple or some leaves or flowers, but we learned that there’s beauty in all kinds of everyday things. Even pancakes. Look at that, if that isn’t a Thing of Beauty, I don’t know what is. I’ll bet Maxine would agree.


I’m really GOOD at sourdough pancakes. Gingerbread are my favorite, with cherry-cheese pancakes a close second. And blackberry or raspberry, chocolate chip, or just plain banana nut. I always put 1/3 of a ripe banana in my pancakes, no matter what the end flavor’s going to be, because it makes them really tender.  Here’s my morning pancake after being all dressed up with butter, cherry preserves and real maple syrup. Oh yeah.


Another favorite breakfast is Everything Eggs. It’s a skillet scramble of whatever you want, but I usually use shredded potatoes, eggs, sausage, ham, green & red peppers and onions with melted cheese on top. Mmmmm, I’m having that tomorrow!

I’ve been putting off telling you about this, but I’ve lost my brother. I know I put him out on the air conditioner to catch some fresh air at the state park last weekend, and I don’t recall seeing him since then!  I can’t help thinking that perhaps one of the neighbor kids saw him and spirited him away. Well he sure is having more adventures in death than he did in life!  RIP Dennis. And for those who wanted me to take their ashes with me on my travels, you might want to re-think that idea.





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Hi Janis and Roxie,
Your breakfast sounds delicious and the pictures are beautiful. Please share your recipe for pancakes, mine never look that appealing. I’m sure your brother is enjoying his adventures.
Linda, Gus, the little dog with a big ego and Lady Echo, the parrot


Well first of all you have to have some sourdough starter. So my recipe for Pancakes for 1 person is:
1/3 to 1/2 ripe banana, mashed.
1/2 beaten raw egg
Pinch of salt
1 tsp. sugar
1 tbsp. oil
1/2 cup sourdough starter.
Mix all this up, and when the pan is hot and ready, add to the mix:
1/4 tsp. baking soda dissolved into 1 tsp. water
Fold in and when it’s puffed up, pour onto the pan or griddle. Makes good-sized pancakes
For gingerbread pancakes, add 1 tbsp molasses and some (?) ginger and pumpkin pie spice. Sorry, I don’t measure.
For cherry-cheese pancakes, mix together thoroughly some cherry preserves and cream cheese; spread on finished pancakes.
For all the others, just add choc. chips, berries or nuts to the batter.


Hi Jan..we had the same Sunday school teacher. Did you also ride in the back of the 54 Ford pickup to get there? Dennis is probably making under ground forts and using candels for light. What’s this, eyes are starting to leak…..Ron McHale


Oh Ron, the good old days! I don’t remember riding to church in a pickup truck. I don’t really remember how I got there, because nobody else in my family went! Maybe it was in a truck, but you’d think that would be memorable. Oh yeah, that was a GREAT fort!!


This is so you…..I am still laughing. Have you checked your bed for Dennis? Maybe you tossed in there the last time you moved.I have such great memories of Sunday School with the Gillette sisters. Thanks for the memories! Take care of yourself.


Those pancakes look and sound wonderful 🙂
Sorry to hear that you “lost” your brother. I’m sure he is still right there with you though,
Happy travels!


Thanks for the recipe! Would love to hear more about cooking in a tiny kitchen and how you make it work. I enjoy checking in on your blog. You post often, so there is always something new to see!


Thanks Sue! It is sometimes difficult, cooking in a tiny space. Surprisingly, I do have more countertop than most A-Frames; mine wraps around the front, though it’s only about 15″ deep. There’s not much headroom there so I always cook while sitting down! (On the porta-potty, no less) Oh but I don’t have a table, I guess most RV’ers use that for food prep. I have a little drop-down door in front of the microwave that can be used if I stabilize it from below. Sometimes I long for more than 2 burners, especially when booondocking and I have to make toast in a frypan. Toast, coffee, eggs, bacon or sausage….on only 2 burners! So I just don’t cook it all at the same time. I make my bacon and eat it, then cook the eggs & toast and eat them, and have my coffee either before or after everything else. Kneading bread is about the biggest challenge to limited countertop space!


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