Buckeye Hills Again

We decided to break up the trip to Wickenburg with a stopoff at Buckeye Hills Regional Park.  This time we were lucky enough to park in front of one of the covered picnic tables.


It was very hot today, I think around 85 so we didn’t do much once we got here except sit outside in the shade. Deb climbed the hill and got this photo of our two rigs:


Tomorrow we will continue on to Wickenburg, only another hour or so drive. I am disappointed that the darn weather forecast has changed, and it’s going to be hot there by Tuesday! I’d really like to find a cool spot where we can settle in for a couple weeks.  The higher elevation spots like Prescott and Flagstaff are still a wee bit TOO cold. We’ll keep an eye on it and hopefully it will change for the better and we won’t have to move.


The creosote bushes are all in bloom here; they remind me of the forsythia at home. The bees sure like those blooms!


This was our sunset a couple nights ago.


Deb found a pretty lethal-looking machete near the picnic table! It must be the place where lost tools go, as this is also where I found a shovel last time I was here!



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